The 100 Marathon Club was initially formed in the late 1980's by a group of runners from all over the United Kingdom who kept bumping into each other at marathons. These runners would compare the numbers of marathons they had completed 40/50/60 and then one of them reached 100 and the group of friends held a celebration to mark the occasion, during this celebration they decided to form a club exclusively for runners who had competed 100 marathons. From then on things developed quikly with a special medal being presented to new members with more celebratory parties being held.

In the 30 odd years since the club was formed it has continued to grow and now has over 750 members, whilst it essentially remains an exclusive lub for people who have run 100 or more marathons its purpose and aims have developed. The club is now afilitated to England Athletics and it stated aims are:

  • To provide a focal point for runners in the United Kingdom and Ireland who have completed 100 or more races of marathon distance or longer.
  • To maintain a database of marathon statistics relating to members’ achievements.
  • To promote and organise various marathon challenges for members.
  • To assist members to enter races of marathon distance and longer, individually and collectively.
  • To share knowledge and experience and encourage newcomers to the sport of marathon running.
  • To assist the organisers of road marathons in the United Kingdom and Ireland by providing constructive feedback.

A full copy of the 100 Marathon Club Constitution can be seen here.

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