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If you have stopped receiving emails from the 100 Marathon Club it is probably because you have not yet given consent for the club to hold information about you and to send you emails, texts or letters.
You will not receive emails telling you how to vote in the upcoming committee post elections or even your renewal reminders next year, if you think you have not yet opted in but wish to do so please email clearly stating that you give your consent and Jon will alter your status on the database and you will start to receive mail again.

100 Marathon Club

100 Marathon Club provide a focal point for runners in the United Kingdom and Ireland who have completed 100 or more races of marathon distance or longer.

We promote and organise various marathon challenges for members, as well as assisting members to enter races of marathon distance and longer, individually and collectively.
We share knowledge and experience and encourage newcomers to the sport of marathon running.

Find out how you can become a full member (completed 100 or more races of marathon distance or longer) or an associate member of the club (completed 50 or more races of marathon distance or longer) here.



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Club Rules

Are you considering joining the 100 Marathon Club? If so, we heartily recommend you have a good read through of our rules.
Not only will it give you a better idea of how the club runs, but it will show you what we are looking for in a runner. Club Rules

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