Joining the 100 Marathon Club

Joining the 100 Marathon Club

The 100 Marathon Club has two levels of membership. Full and Associate (100 and 50 marathons respectively).

Anyone who has run 50 marathons/ultras or more can join the Club as an Associate Member.  You will be a member of the club with all the same rights as a full member, but cannot wear the blue and yellow kit, which is the right of Full Members only.   

It is currently a rule (as from September 2017) that anyone wishing to join the Club as a Full Member must be an Associate Member for 3 months before applying for full membership.

It is also currently a requirement that you must have run 5 UK/Ireland road marathons to join as an Associate Member, and 10 UK/Ireland road marathons to join as a Full Member.


Applying for Associate Membership:

  1. Log all your marathons/ultras in a spreadsheet, download sample here (Excel), and submit it to Race lists in any other format will not be accepted.
  2. Whilst waiting for your spreadsheet to be approved, log on to the membership system and join the 100 Marathon Club. You can join as a 1st claim member or if you are already a member of a running club, as second claim. You will then be invited to pay a membership fee.
  3. As soon as your spreadsheet is vetted and your fees paid you will officially be an Associate member of the 100 Marathon Club. If you wish to order an Associate Member medal or Buff you can now do so. Unfortunately these items cannot be sent out to you until you are officially a member of the Club.
  4. Please note that Membership runs from 1 April to 31 March each year. If you join the Club from 1 January in any given year then we’ll roll around the Membership year to the following year so you’ll get the first 1, 2 or 3 months membership for free.

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Once you are an Associate Member you should continue to log your races in your spreadsheet. This should be vetted regularly, say at every 6 months or at 75 whichever comes sooner, and then again once you reach 90.


Applying for Full Membership:

  1. Once you have decided when your 100th marathon will be, please submit your spreadsheet including all the races in the lead up to it up to the big day itself for vetting.
  2. Your 100th will be approved and listed on the website (unless you would rather it wasn’t listed).
  3. Now you can think about ordering your kit. Kit should be ordered NO MORE than 12 weeks before your 100th, and NO LESS than 6 weeks before it.   It is a general expectation that you should have reached or be very close to 90 marathons before ordering your kit.  All kit is available from the 100 Marathon Club shop.
  4. If you wish to have your name printed on your shirt you will need to arrange this yourself – please ensure you give yourself plenty of time to do this!  See below for general advice about organising your 100th marathon day.
  5. Once you have run your 100th marathon submit your spreadsheet for vetting once again. Your membership will then be upgraded to full.


The 100th Marathon Celebration - What Happens When You Hit 100?

People wish to mark their 100th marathon in different ways and the onus is very much on the individual to organise whatever celebration they wish to have. Some associate members like to notify the club some months in advance as to which marathon will be their 100th in the hope that other members will wish to join them there and share their celebration, in which case this will be listed on the Club home page. Others want no fuss and don’t join till after their 100th has passed in which case nothing will happen at all and they’ll simply become new Full Members quietly.

If you would like the occasion of your 100th to be marked then it is up to you arrange this.   Ensure that the Club knows to list the big day on the website, and choose the member that you wish to make your presentation.  If you wish for a senior member of the 100 Marathon Club to make the presentation of the shirt/medal (e.g. Chairman or other committee member) then make sure you ask them in plenty of time!  

As mentioned in the joining instructions above, ensure you order your kit at least 6 weeks ahead of the big day and we will do our utmost to ensure you have your kit in plenty of time.  It is up to you to get your name printed on your shirt or vest, if that is what you want. 

It’s traditional that once a member announces that they’ll complete their 100th marathon at any given event then another person wouldn’t also declare that as their 100th marathon without consulting them in advance. Many people enjoy having a special day “just for them” – a 100th marathon is a very memorable occasion for runners and we should all respect their wishes.