Upcoming Celebrations

Upcoming Celebrations

One of the original aims of the 100 Marathon Club was to celebrate the achievement of runners completing 100 marathons and joining the club as a full member. The table below shows upcoming celebrations for members reaching 100 marathons or multiples of 100 marathons. We look forward to congratulating and welcoming those reaching the 100 to the club and celebrating and congratulating those member attaining multiple 100 marathon completions.  (and theres usually cake as well!)

Upcoming Celebrations (new additions highlighted in red).  

** Please drop an email to vetting@100marathonclub.org.uk if your celebration plans change.

Last updated: 10th April 2021

Name Event Date Celebration Date Added
Cathy Holroyd Phoenix SG100 18-Apr-21 100 06-Mar-21
Michael White SVN Ranscombe Challenge 24-Apr-21 100 31-Mar-21
Gary Dixon SVN Olympic Challenge 01-May-21 200 10-Apr-21
Tara Rufus Plym Spring Trail Day 2 02-May-21 200 10-Apr-21
Susan Cartwright Two Castles 02-May-21 100 24-Mar-21
Davie Stafford Phoenix One RunTo Rule Them All 09-May-21 100 27-Mar-21
Paul Davies Worcester 16-May-21 200 14-Mar-21
Karen Hamilton ZigZag Monkey Meander 16-May-21 100 05-Mar-21
Iain Leighton Phoenix Wrath Of Poseidon 06-Jun-21 100 29-Mar-21
Loretta Daley Dartmoor Discovery 15-Jun-21 (TBC) 100 30-Nov-20
Nicola Wilkins Giants Head 26-Jun-21 (TBC) 100 17-Sep-20
Jamie Goodhead Lakelend 50 24-Jul-21 100 10-Apr-21
Jonathan Clements Enigma Need for Speed 25-Jul-21 100 27-Mar-21