Upcoming Celebrations

Upcoming Celebrations

One of the original aims of the 100 Marathon Club was to celebrate the achievement of runners completing 100 marathons and joining the club as a full member. The table below shows upcoming celebrations for members reaching 100 marathons or multiples of 100 marathons. We look forward to congratulating and welcoming those reaching the 100 to the club and celebrating and congratulating those member attaining multiple 100 marathon completions. 

Upcoing Celebrations (new additions highlighted in red).   Pending rearrangement due to Covid-19 in pink,

Last updated: 14th March 2020

Name Event Date Celebration
Jon Moreton SVN Viking Challenge 18-Jan-20 100
Louise Large Phoenix Pick 'N Mix 25-Jan-20 100
James Patterson SVN Leap Year Challenge 29-Feb-20 100
Michelle Barnes SVN Leap Year Challenge 29-Feb-20 100
Suzanne Cormack Paphos 15-Mar-20 100
Hilary Wharam Grim Up North Canal Canter 21-Mar-20 100
Jo-ann Gwynne Saturn Time Turner 28-Mar-20 100
Adam Lowe Gin Pit 28-Mar-20 100
Tony Conway QE Spring Marathon 29-Mar-20 100
Rob Marshall Samurai Vs Ninja 04-Apr-20 100
Andy Bristow Grim Up North Wuthering Heights 05-Apr-20 100
Andy Wood Manchester 05-Apr-20 100
Dean Longman Peterborough 05-Apr-20 100
Michelle Haresnape Phoenix Once Upon A Run 05-Apr-20 100
Martin Storer Enigma Good Friday 10-Apr-20 100
Ian Brazier London 26-Apr-20 100
Sarah Marzaioli London 26-Apr-20 100
Michael Warner London 26-Apr-20 100
Stuart Mills London 26-Apr-20 100
Sarah Marzaioli London 26-Apr-20 100
Lee-Paul Field Phoenix Pop Up 03-May-20 100
Paul Barton Milton Keynes 03-May-20 500
Mary Taylor SVN Very British Challenge 09-May-20 100
Neil Addington Hare & Tortoise Century Run 16-May-20 100
James Terry Northants Spires & Shires 16-May-20 100
Joni Southall Windermere 17-May-20 100
Sonja Farish Great Barrow Summer Challenge 10 in 20 day 10 17-May-20 100
Mick Entwistle SVN Olympic Run 23-May-20 100
Diane Morris Enigma Guitar Hero 14-Jun-20 100
Nicola Wilkins Giants Head 20-Jun-20 100
Margaret Hodges Tenby 05-Jul-20 100
Helen Myers Piece of Cake (codrc) 13-Jul-20 100
Brent Crowle Lunar-tic 25-Jul-20 100
Richard Boese Farnham Pilgrims 13-Sep-20 100
Tinu Ogundari Phoenix Strictly Running 13-Sep-20 100
Richard Glister SVN Tolkien Challenge 26-Sep-20 100