Upcoming Celebrations

Upcoming Celebrations

One of the original aims of the 100 Marathon Club was to celebrate the achievement of runners completing 100 marathons and joining the club as a full member. The table below shows upcoming celebrations for members reaching 100 marathons or multiples of 100 marathons. We look forward to congratulating and welcoming those reaching the 100 to the club and celebrating and congratulating those member attaining multiple 100 marathon completions.  (and theres usually cake as well!)

Upcoming Celebrations (recent additions highlighted in red).  

** Please drop an email to vetting@100marathonclub.org.uk if your celebration plans change.

Last updated: 8th June 2021

Name Event Date Celebration Date Added
Loretta Daley Dartmoor Discovery 05-Jun-21 100 22-Apr-21
John Kennedy Phoenix God Of Thunder 05-Jun-21 100 12-May-21
Iain Leighton Phoenix Wrath Of Poseidon 06-Jun-21 100 29-Mar-21
Richard Boese Saturn Summer Pop-Up 13-Jun-21 100 20-May-21
Jamie Goodhead Xnrg Pilgrims Challenge Day 2 13-Jun-21 100 24-May-21
Sarah Marshall Phoenix Minotaur 50 19-Jun-21 200 31-May-21
Stephen Hayes Snickerthon 26-Jun-21 100 26-May-21
Sophie Birnie Grim Goes Green 27-Jun-21 100 26-May-21
Lynne Maughan Sikhs In The City Dawn to Dusk 27-Jun-21 100 12-May-21
Simon Maughan Sikhs In The CIty Dawn to Dusk 27-Jun-21 100 12-May-21
Liz Peel SVN Cone of Doom 17-Jul-21 100 29-Apr-21
Emma Davis TBA (celebration event) 17-Jul-21 100 13-Jun-21
Jonathan Clements Enigma Need for Speed 25-Jul-21 100 27-Mar-21
Nicola Wilkins Summer Larmer 31-Jul-21 100 01-Jun-21
Jim Whitmarsh Summer Larmer 31-Jul-21 300 26-May-21
Katie Simpson Phoenix Run By Me 31-Jul-21 100 03-Jun-21
Michael Wiggins Thames Meander 07-Aug-21 100 03-Jun-21
Darren Heath St Albans Stampede 04-Sep-21 100 04-May-21
Karen Stanley WSR Run Jurassic 25-Sep-21 100 04-Jun-21
Pete Brennan Richmond Park 26-Sep-21 100 20-May-21
Dawn Gardner Wendover Woods 50 06-Nov-21 100 12-May-21