Committee Elections 2024


Committee Elections 2024

Some exciting opportunities have arisen within your Club Committee.

Several committee members have reached the end of their tenure, and an election needs to be held to fill these positions and ensure the continued success of our Club. In addition, one committee member has decided to stand down, and one is no longer eligible for their post due to promotion to Full Member.

The positions up for election are as follows

Officers of the Club.

  1. Chair.

Jo Yarnall has decided that she will not re-stand

  1. Secretary.

Maryanne Aitken has decided that she will not re-stand

  1. Treasurer.

Jon Aston has decided to stand for another term

Committee Members

  1. Social Media Manager

Sharon Messam has decided to stand down at the AGM

  1. Associate Members Representative

Clive Poole will be a Full Member by the AGM and is, therefore no longer eligible for the position.

Copies of the role descriptions for all the above positions are available to download from the club website.

Candidates are asked to submit a statement of no more than 250 words telling members why they would like to be elected to their chosen position, along with a clear photograph that we can use on the online voting form.

A candidate may apply for ONE position only.

Please send your statement and photograph to by midnight on 23rd June 2024.

If more than two candidates stand for a position and the winning candidate has fewer than 50% of the votes cast, the top two candidates will advance to a second round of voting.


Statements submitted after 11.59 pm on 23rd June will not be put forward to vote.

Statements must be submitted to Statements sent to any other email address will not be accepted. DO NOT REPLY DIRECTLY TO THIS EMAIL.

Statements submitted that exceed the 250-word count limit will be accepted, but only the first 250 words of the statement will be published.

The election will be managed by a subgroup of the committee that will not include any committee members who decide to stand for election.

Role Descriptions

Chair Role Description

Secretary role Description