Email Scams and Data Security


Email Scams and Data Security

With data breaches on the rise and two recent email scams reported where scammers pretended to be 100 Marathon Club committee members, we want to take the chance to remind you to stay vigilant against phishing attempts and scams.

Hackers use fraudulent practices to spoof people into giving up their data. The most common technique is email phishing. Hackers send messages that appear legitimate or look like they're from someone you trust so that you engage with the message or click on malicious attachments.

If something seems's probably phishing. Here are some tips to keep in mind to avoid falling victim so that we protect our company and its data:

  • Double-check that the sender's email address matches who they claim to be
  • Don't click a link or download from someone you don't know, or weren't expecting
  • Don't reply to a suspicious email or message from an email you don't recognise
  • Let us know if you receive any suspicious email proporting to be from the committee