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      The 100 Marathon Club does not certify or approve events, listing an event on this page does not mean the club has approved it. The listing is to aid members and wannabe members find events to run. Events listed are considered to meet the club rules for counting towards members totals



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 Last Updated - 15th April 2018   
DateRoad MarathonTrail MarathonUltra Distance or Timed Challenge Event
April 2018
Saturday 21/04/2018The Bath BeatWonderland Caucus Run (6 hour timed event)
The Fox 42KBlack Draggon Challenge (31.5 miles),
Royal Canal Run Marathon [County Longford]Royal Canal Run Ultra Marathon [County Longford]
Sunday 22/04/2018LONDON Breckland Forest ,Pewsey Downsaround (35 mile option),
CONNEMARA [County Galway] Pewsey Downsaround, The Reject Run (6 hour timed event)
SOUTHAMPTON,The Longhorn Marathon [Nottinghamshire] 9th Essex Walker (27 miles)
BLACKPOOL (Lancashire) The Longhorn Ultra (60K) [Nottinghamshire]
Connemara Ultra (39.3 miles) [County Galway]
Monday 23/04/2018St George's Day Marathon,
Tuesday 24/04/2018BB-Salcey Forest 6hr
Saturday 28/04/2018Endurance Life CTC Series Pembrokeshire (Marathon), The Millenium Way Back (41 Miles)
Ranscombe Spring Challenge (8 hour timed event)
The 56th Fellsman
Endurance Life CTC Series Pembrokeshire (35.1 miles)
The Highland Fling (53 miles)
Bad Cow Floric (12 hour timed event)
Butcombe Ultra (50 miles) [Somerset]
Tyne Trail Ultra (140 KM ) [Cumbria / County Durham]
Sunday 29/04/2018STIRLING SCOTTISH MARARTHON (Stirlngshire) , Bad Cow Marathon ,Rachel's Ranscombe Ramble,
NEWPORT WALES Wickham Whistler (6 hour chellenge event) [Hampshire]
May 2018
Friday 04/05/2018May the Fourth [Shropshire]
Saturday 05/05/2018Revenge of the Fifth [Shropshire] South Down Way 32m
Brecon Beacons Trail Marathon/a> Isle of Wight Challenge 106k
Plym Trail Marathoncent-TP100
Brecon Beacons Trail Marathon (52K)
Northampton Cakeathon (6 hour timed event)
The Oxon 40 (40 miles)
Sunday 06/05/2018NORTH DORSET Plym Trail MarathonXNRG South Down Way 32m ,
LIMERICKThree Forts ChalengeNorthampton Chocathon (6 hour timed event)
Rock Pound The BoundsIsle of Wight Challenge (106k, 53k amd 52k options)
Roche Abbey Trail Running Festival - MarathonRoche Abbey Trail Running Festival - Ultra
Rotary Heritage Coast Run Marathon [Suffolk] Planes, T'Raynes & Automobiles (6 hour timed event) [Essex]
Monday 07/05/2018MILTON KEYNES XNRG South Down Way 32m ,
BELFASTNorthampton Cookiethon (6 hour timed event),
Wednesday 09/05/2018Pembrokeshire Coastal Ultra Race (3 day stage and 100 mile single stage. Note staged races will only count as one marathon) ,
Endurance Life CTC Series Classic Quarter (44.5 miles) ,
Thursday 10/05/2018Pembrokeshire Coastal Ultra Race (3 day stage and 100 mile single stage. Note staged races will only count as one marathon) ,
Friday 11/05/2018Phoenix Top Run Pembrokeshire Coastal Ultra Race (3 day stage and 100 mile single stage. Note staged races will only count as one marathon)
Devon Coast Challenge Day 1 [Devon] The Enduroman Festival of Ultra Events (various ultra distance events)
Ultra Trail Snowdonia (50 and 100 mile options)
Saturday 12/05/2018LAKES OF KILLARNEYEnduroman MarathonPembrokeshire Coastal Ultra Race (3 day stage and 100 mile single stage. Note staged races will only count as one marathon)
The Rhonda RollercoasterThe Enduroman Festival of Ultra Events (various ultra distance events)
Bewl Water MarathonDukeries 30 / 40
Dobbs Weir Double Marathons Day 1 [Hertfordshire] The Ridgeway 40
Devon Coast Challenge Day 2 [Devon] Very British Challenge (6 hour timed event)
Sandstone Challenge (33 miles)
Windmill Way Challenge
The Northern Traverse (190 miles)
The Ox Floric (Lapped timed event)
The Ox 50 (50 milest)
Sunday 13/05/2018EASTBOURNE TRACKSTAR , , Devon Coast Challenge Day 3 [Devon] Pembrokeshire Coastal Ultra Race (3 day stage and 100 mile single stage. Note staged races will only count as one marathon) ,
SHAKESPEARE MARATHON, CRO Ingleborough Marathon & Short Clapham CircuitRoald Dahl Challenge (6 hour timed event),
HALSTEAD MARATHONEnduroman Marathon ,
HEREFORD MARATHON South Downs Marathon (27 miles)
Meridian Meander
Clun Valley Challenge
Dobbs Weir Double Marathons Day 2 [Hertfordshire]
Excalibur Marathon [Clywd]
Monday 14/05/2018The Enduroman Festival of Ultra Events (various ultra distance events) ,
Thursday 17/05/2018Wendover Challenge (6 hour timed challenge event) [Buckinghamshire] ,
Saturday 19/05/2018Shindig in the Shire [Shropshire] Endurance Life CTC Series Jurassic Quarter (46 miles),
White Peak Marathon Westcountry Ultra Flat 50 Miler, Hilly 50 Miler, 100 Miler [Somerset]
A Right Royal Run (6 hour timed event) [Berkshire]
Sunday 20/05/2018ROCK n ROLL LIVERPOOL ,Leaden Boot,Cape Wrath Ultra (400K multi stage over 8 days, will only count as 1 marathon)
WINDERMERE, Imreys Trail Marathon [Cornwall]
Richmond Park
Arun River Marathon [Sussex]
Friday 25/05/2018Hardmoors 160 (160 miles)
The Ridge Ultra (112 miles)
Saturday 26/05/2018Runners of the lost Ark Marathon (surrey) London to Brighton Challenge (100k and 50K options)
Grand Union Canal Race 145 Miles ,
Hardmoors 110 (160 miles) ,
LDWA Cinque Ports 100 (100 miles)
Mega Challenge (6 hour timed event)
Runners of the lost Ark (6 hour timed event) [surrey]
Pop-Up Saturday Evening Run [Surrey]
Sunday 27/05/2018EDINBURGH Sarsen Trail and Neolithic Marathon, Boddington 50K,
DORCHESTER MARATHONClare Burren Marathon Challenge [County Clare]Mega Challenge (6 hour timed event)
BODDINGTON MARATHONSt Begas Ultra Trail Race (36 miles) [Cumbria]

Monday 28/05/2018 Spring Cakeathon (6 hour timed event)
June 2018
Friday 01/06/2018 Jurassic Coast 100 km / 100 miles [Dorset]
Tidal Triple Series Day 1 (6 hour timed event) [Northumberland]


Saturday 02/06/2018TULLAROAN MARATHON [County Kilkenny]Viking Coastal Marathon , Dartmoor Discovery
Bolton Hill Marathon [Greater Manchester] , The Llangollen Round (33 miles)
Jurassic Coast 50 km [Dorset]
Tullaroan Ultra Marathon (39.3 miles) [County Kilkenny]
Tidal Triple Series Day 2 (6 hour timed event) [Northumberland]


Sunday 03/06/2018HUDDERSFIELD ,Phoenix PJ's in the Park , Stour Valley MarathonDambusters Challenge (6 hour timed event),
THE WALLED CITY MARATHON (County Londonderry) Needles X Country Marathon Tidal Triple Series Day 3 (6 hour timed event) [Northumberland]


CORK CITY MARATHON [County Cork] Stour Valley Marathon
Wednesday 06/06/2018BB-Rugby 6hr
Saturday 09/06/2018Phoenix Explorer Mourne Way Ultra Marathon (52 miles)
Farthingstone Foot FestRace to the Tower (52 miles)
Mourne Way MarathonBlack Phoenix (6 hours timed event) [Surry]
Mull of Galloway Marathon Trail Marathon [Dumfries and Galloway]
Redway Runners Festival of Running Marathon [Buckinghamshire]
Sunday 10/06/2018YEOVIL MARATHON Phoenix Thames Path Potter cent-NDW50
Weald 50k
Monday 11/06/2018WEXFORD MARATHON [County Wexford]
Thursday 14/06/2017DORNEY LAKE MARATHON [Berkshire] Dornet Lake Marathon [Berkshire] Dornet Lake (6 hour time event) [Berkshire]
Friday 15/06/2018Marathon des Cote (186 mile, 3 stage event, will only count as one marahon)
Saturday 16/06/2018Baslow Boot Bash Cairngorm Mor (158km)
Enigma Word Up Marathon 1Cairngorm Beag (82km)
Langport Walking Festival Lakeland Five Passes Ultra (33 miles)
South Downs Marathon Upton Ultra Run (30 and 50 mile options)
Solomon Trail Wales The Wall (69 miles)
Gibside Marathon Enigma Word Up Ultra [Buckinghamshire]
Conquest of Avalon (30 and 50 mile options) [Somerset]
Sunday 17/06/2018Enigma Word Up Marathon 2Grim Canal Canter Summer Extravaganza Ultra (distance unclear) [West Yorkshire]
Langport Walking Festival
The Hampshire Hoppi
Grim Canal Canter Summer Extravaganza Marathon [West Yorkshire]
Thursday 21/06/2018BB-Longest Day 6hr
Friday 22/06/2018South Wales 100 and 50 (100 mile and 50 mile options) [Powys]r
Saturday 23/06/2018Twin Peaks Marathon [County Armagh]Kent 50 Mile Endurance Run
Malvern Midsummer MarathonRotary Cross Wales Walk (42 mile)
Mynd DroverThe Durham Dales Challenge (32 mile)
Rotary Cross Wales Walk (26 mile)Pennine Barrier (50 mile)
The Midnight Mountain MarathonMonster Ambit Timed Events (12 and 24 hour races available) [Suffolk]
Giants Head MarathonHarp 24 (24 hour challenge event) [Essex]
Midnight Marathon [Kent]
Monster Midnight Marathon [Suffolk]
Sunday 24/06/2018North Devon ANOB MarathonBates Green Gallop (6 Hour Challenge)
Herts HobbleHong Kong Phooey Cartoon Capers (6 Hour Challenge) [Essex]
Herts Hobble">Grim Glorious Gargrave Ultra [North Yorkshire]
Grim Glorious Gargrave Marathon [North Yorkshire]
Star Runs Episode IV Marathon [surrey] Star Runs Episode IV Marathon (6 hour timed event) [surrey]
Monday 25/06/2018Marathon Madness 5 in 5 or 3in3 [Sussex]
Tuesday 26/06/2018Marathon Madness 5 in 5 or 3in3 [Sussex]
Wednesday 27/06/2018Marathon Madness 5 in 5 or 3in3 [Sussex]
Thursday 28/06/2017Great Barrow Challenge 10 in 10 Day 1 [Suffolk]
Marathon Madness 5 in 5 or 3in3 [Sussex]
Friday 29/06/2017Great Barrow Challenge 10 in 10 Day 2 [Suffolk]
Marathon Madness 5 in 5 or 3in3 [Sussex]
Saturday 30/06/2018WATERFORD VIKING MARATHON [County Waterford] Ladybower Trail Marathon Ranscombe Summer Challenge (8 hour timed event)
Snickerthon [Staffordshire] Endurance Life Snowdonia Quarter ,
Great Barrow Challenge 10 in 10 Day 3 [Suffolk] Endure 24 (24 hour timed event)
Trailblaster (6 hour / 12 hour (day) / 24 hour and 6 hour (night) options available
Cotswold Way Challenge (100k and 50k options)
Saint Cuthbert Way Ultra (100k) [Northumberland]
Insomniacs Challenge (12 hour challenge event) [Hampshire]
July 2018
Sunday 01/07/2018HALIFAX MARATHON [West Yorkshire] Great Barrow Challenge 10 in 10 Day 4 [Suffolk] Ranscombe Summer Challenge (8 hour timed event)
The Final Picnic
Tuesday 03/07/2018 July The Turd Marathon [Shropshire]
Great Barrow Challenge 10 in 10 Day 5 [Suffolk]
Wednesday 04/07/2018Great Barrow Challenge 10 in 10 Day 6 [Suffolk]
Independence Run [Shropshire]
Thursday 05/07/2018Great Barrow Challenge 10 in 10 Day 7 [Suffolk]
Friday 6/07/2018Great Barrow Challenge 10 in 10 Day 8 [Suffolk] Sundae Challenge (6 hour timed event) ,
Saturday 07/07/2018Great Barrow Challenge 10 in 10 Day 9 [Suffolk] Ham & Lyme (50K and 100K options)
Enigma Need for Speed Marathon [Buckinghamshire]A Foot In Two Dales (50 mile)
The Great Glen Ultra (71 miles)
The Pennine 39 (39 miles)
The Serpent Trail (50k and 100k options)
Ultra Kirklees Way (73 miles)
Round The Island Ultra (70 miles)
Cider Frolic (timed laps event)
Ham & Lyme 50k/100k [Somerset/Dorset]
Enigma Need for Speed Ultra (50K) [Buckinghamshire]
Sunday 08/07/2018Great Barrow Challenge 10 in 10 Day 10 [Suffolk]
North Downs Marathon [Surrey]
Enigma Need for Speed Marathon [Buckinghamshire]
Thursday 12/07/2018Festival of Running - Avondale Forest Day 1 [County Wicklow]
Friday 13/07/2018Festival of Running - Avondale Forest Day 2 [County Wicklow]
The Sharkrun - Hammerhead [Essex]
Saturday 14/07/2018Hallow 12 Parish Challenge (26 miles) Hallow 12 Parish Challenge (40 miles)
Piece of Cake [Shropshire] The Essex 100 Race (100, 50 and 30 mile options)
Festival of Running - Avondale Forest Day 3 [County Wicklow] Grim Duncombe Park Ultra [North Yorkshire]
The Sharkrun - Grey Reef [Essex]
Sunday 15/07/2018STOKE ON TRENT FESTIVAL OF RUNNING MARATHON" Snowdon Trail MarathonSnowdon Trail Ultra Marathon
WALES MARATHON TENBY [Pembrokeshire] Grim Duncombe Park Marathon [North Yorkshire] Duncombe Park Trail Running Festival - Ultra
Festival of Running - Avondale Forest Day 4 [County Wicklow] Fairlands Valley Challenge [Hertfordshire] (50K)
Fairlands Valley Challenge [Hertfordshire]
The Sharkrun - Whitetip
Monday 16/07/2018SCORCHER RUN FESTIVAL MARATHON DAY 1 [Lanchashire] SCORCHER RUN FESTIVAL 50K DAY 1 [Lanchashire]
Tuesday 17/07/2018SCORCHER RUN FESTIVAL MARATHON DAY 2 [Lanchashire] SCORCHER RUN FESTIVAL 50K DAY 2 [Lanchashire]
Wednesday 18/07/2018SCORCHER RUN FESTIVAL MARATHON DAY 3 [Lanchashire] SCORCHER RUN FESTIVAL 50K DAY 3 [Lanchashire]
Thursday 19/07/2018SCORCHER RUN FESTIVAL MARATHON DAY 4 [Lanchashire] SCORCHER RUN FESTIVAL 50K DAY 4 [Lanchashire]
Friday 20/07/2018SCORCHER RUN FESTIVAL MARATHON DAY 5 [Lanchashire] Phoenix Space Race SCORCHER RUN FESTIVAL 50K DAY 5 [Lanchashire]
Saturday 21/07/2018SCORCHER RUN FESTIVAL MARATHON DAY 6 [Lanchashire] LUNAR-TIC Marathon [Sussex] Jurassic Coast Challenge (100k and 56k options)
The Denholme Doddle [West Yorkshire] Punk Run (6 hour timed event)
Grim Summer Sir Titus Trot Marathon [West Yorkshire] SCORCHER RUN FESTIVAL 50K DAY 6 [Lanchashire]
Sunday 22/07/2018SCORCHER RUN FESTIVAL MARATHON DAY 7 [Lanchashire] Bath Running Festival Marathon [Somerset]/a> Lucky Dip (6 hour timed event)
The Wild One Marathon [Worcestershire]/a> Jurassic Coast Challenge (44k)
The Goblin King Run Marathon [surrey] SCORCHER RUN FESTIVAL 50K DAY 7 [Lanchashire]
The Wild One Ultra [Worcestershire]/a>
The Goblin King Run Marathon [surrey]
Friday 27/07/2018Kennet and Avon Canal Race - 145 Miles
Lakeland 100 (100 mile)
Lakeland 50 (50 mile)
Saturday 28/07/2018Enigma Show me the Money , Enigma Show me the Money Ultra (50K)
Dorset Invader Marathon , Twilight Ultra (80K) [East London]
Midnight Marathon
Twilight Ultra Marathon (26.2 mile) [East London]
Sunday 29/07/2018Enigma Show me the Money Summit Wild Ultra (32 miles) [Devon]
Fort William Marathon
Something Wild Trail Marathon [Devon]
Chislehurst Commons Marathon [Kent]
August 2018
Friday 03/08/2018Grim Reaper Ultra (26 hour timed event)
Saturday 04/08/2018Summer Phoenix Dark Phoenix (6 hour timed event)
Celtic Warrior Marathon Day 1 [County Westmeath] the Railway Ultra (27 and 36 mile options) [Shropshire]
Mendip Marauder 30 Miler/50 Miler [Somerset]
Sunday 05/08/2018GLOUCESTER CITY MARATHON Chorlton & Sale Water Park Marathon Trail Race [Greater Manchester] Peak Skyline (29.7 miles)
Celtic Warrior Marathon Day 2 [County Westmeath]
Dovedale Dipper[Derbyshire]
Phoenix - Carry On Up The River (Surrey)
Vanguard Way Marathon (Surrey)
Monday 06/08/2018Celtic Warrior Marathon Day 3 [County Westmeath]
Saturday 11/08/2018EAST CORK HARBOUR MARATHON [County Cork] Enigma Show me the Money SVP 100 (100K) ,
Thames Meander [Surrey]SVP 50 (50K),
Aliens V's Trail Runners Marathon Moonlight Run [Suffolk]Hearts Stroller (53 miles)
Wye Valley Challenge (100k, 5k and 45k options)
Connemara 100 (100 miles) [County Galway]
Enigma Show me the Money Ultra (50K)
Sunday 12/08/2018 ROCKY HORROR PICTURE TRIBUTE MARATHON [Shropshire] Enigma Show me the Money Masters of the Runiverse Ultra [Berkshire]
Salisbury 54321 [Wiltshire]
Aliens V's Trail Runners Marathon Day Time Run [Suffolk]
Masters of the Runiverse Marathon [Berkshire]
Thursday 16/08/2018 QUADRATHON DAY 1 [County Donegal]
Friday 17/08/2018 QUADRATHON DAY 2 [County Donegal] Quadrathon Challenge Day 2 [County Donegal]
Saturday 18/08/2018 QUADRATHON DAY 3 [County Donegal] Quadrathon Challenge Day 3 [County Donegal] Cyclopark Series 10 Challenges in 10 Days - Day 1 (6 hour timed event),
Run To The Castle Marathon [Gwynedd] Run To The Castle Ultra (42 miles) [Gwynedd]
Lions Bridge Marathon [Lancashire] Quadrathon Challenge Ultra 9105 miles) [County Donegal]
Downland Challenge (30 miles) [Sussex]
Sunday 19/08/2018 QUADRATHON DAY 4 [County Donegal] Leilas Run Cyclopark Series 10 Challenges in 10 Days - Day 2 (6 hour timed event),
Two Tunnels Marathon,
Quadrathon Challenge Day 4 [County Donegal]
Monday 20/08/2018Cyclopark Series 10 Challenges in 10 Days - Day 3 (6 hour timed event),
Two Tunnels Ultra (50K),
Tuesday 21/08/2018Cyclopark Series 10 Challenges in 10 Days - Day 4 (6 hour timed event),
Wednesday 22/08/2018Cyclopark Series 10 Challenges in 10 Days - Day 5 (6 hour timed event),
Thursday 23/08/2018Cyclopark Series 10 Challenges in 10 Days - Day 6 (6 hour timed event),
Deadwater (235 mile 6 day mulit stage race, only counts as one marathon)
Friday 24/08/2018Summer Saunter Series Day 1 Cyclopark Series 10 Challenges in 10 Days - Day 7 (6 hour timed event),
Saturday 25/08/2018 ARMAGH CITY MARATHON [County Armagh] Plym Trail Marathon Liverpool and Leeds Canal Race - 130 Miles
Summer Saunter Series Day 2 Cyclopark Series 10 Challenges in 10 Days - Day 8 (6 hour timed event)
East Farm Marathon (Lapped Event) Insomnia 24 (24 hour timed event)
South Coast Challenge (100k, 55k and 45k options)
Snday 26/08/2018 ARMAGH CITY MARATHON Back 2 Back[County Armagh] Plym Trail Marathon Cyclopark Series 10 Challenges in 10 Days - Day 9 (6 hour timed event),
Summer Saunter Series Day 3 East Farm Frolic (12 hour lapped timed event),
Woldingham Marathon [Surrey]
Monday 27/08/2018 LONGFORD MARATHON [County Longford] Cyclopark Series 10 Challenges in 10 Days - Day 10 (6 hour timed event),
Thursday 30/08/2018Once Upon a Run - Day 1
Friday 31/08/2018Once Upon a Run - Day 2
September 2018
Saturday 01/09/2018DINGLE MARATHON" , Once Upon a Run - Day 3 Dartmoor Highground Ultra 50 (50 miles) [Devon]
Dartmoor Highground Marathon Black Hugin (6 hour timed event)
City to Sea Marathon [Devon] City to Sea Ultra Marathon (34 mile) [Devon]
Thunder Run Steel City (24 Hour Challenge Event) [South Yorkshire]
St Albans Stampede (12 Hour Challenge Event) [Hertfordshire]
Sunday 02/09/2018Once Upon a Run - Day 4 London to Brighton Trail Ultra (60 miles) [Sussex]
Grim Hornsea Marathon [East Yorkshire] Great British Bake Run Ultra (6 hour timed event) [Berkshire]
Dunstable Downs Challenge [Bedfordshire]
Great British Bake Run Marathon [Berkshire]
Friday 07/09/2018Kerry Way Ultra (120 miles) [County Kerry]
Saturay 08/09/2018 Battle of the Borders Day 1 [Shropshire] National Forest Way 75 (75 mile)
National Forest Way 36 (36 mile)
Thames Path Challenge (100k amd 50K options available)
Sunday 09/09/2018ISLAY MARATHON [Argyll] , New Forest Marathon
Bacchus Marathon [Surrey]
Battle of the Borders Day 2 [Shropshire]
Thetford Iceni Marathon [Norfolk]
Saturday 15/09/2018Yabba Dabba Do [Staffordshire] Cumbria Way Ultra (73 miles)
Forest Marathon [Warwickshire] Robin Hood 100 (100 miles)
Sunday 16/09/2018KILKENNY MEDIEVAL MARATHON [County Kilkenny] , Purbeck Marathon [Dorset] Purple Rayne - Music Legends (6 hour timed event) [Essex]
Richmond RunFest Marathon [Greater London]


Friday 21/09/2018Toys in the Attic [Buckinghamshire]
Saturday 22/09/2018Causeway Coast Marathon [County Antrim] [Dorset] Humanity Direct Tring Ultra (31 miles)
Heroes Chalenge Trail Marathon [Dorset] Cotswold Way Century (100 miles)
Enigma Toys in the Attic [Buckinghamshire] The Running Man (6 Hour Timed Event) [Surrey]
Night Phoenix (6 Hour Timed Event) [Surrey]
Causeway Coast Ultra Marathon (40 Mile) [County Antrim] [Dorset]
Sunday 23/09/2018THE HULL MARATHON [East Yorkshire] Enigma Toys in the Attic [Buckinghamshire]
LOCH NESS MARATHON [Inverness-shire ] Arran Marathon [Bute]
Wednesday 26/09/2018BB-Daventry 6hr ,
Friday 28/09/2018Monaghan Phoenix Marathon Festival 2018
Saturday 29/09/2018Endurancelife North Yorkshire Moors , Endurancelife North Yorkshire Moors (34.7 miles)
Monaghan Phoenix Marathon Festival 2018 Pyjamathon (6 Hour Timed Event) [Surrey]
Guardians of the COD RC [Shropshire]
Sunday 30/09/2018Monaghan Phoenix Marathon Festival 2018 Labour of Love I (6 Hour Timed Event)
Monster Marathon [Cambridgeshire] Monster Ultra Marathon (68 km) [Cambridgeshire]
Grim Black Sheep Challenge (6 hour challenge event) [North Yorkshire]
Chagford Challenge 2018 (30 miles) [Devon]
October 2018
Monday 01/10/2018Labour of Love II (6 Hour Timed Event)
Tuesday 02/10/2018Labour of Love III (6 Hour Timed Event)
Wednesday 03/10/2018Tolkein Run (6 hour timed event)
Friday 05/10/2018Atlantic Coast Challenge Day 1 [Cornwall] Downslink Ultra (38 miles) [Sussex]
Saturday 06/10/2018GALWAY BAY MARATHON [County Galway]It's a Numbers Game Day 1 [Surrey] BIF 50 (50 miles)
Great Barrow Challenge Autumn Double Day 1 [Suffolk] Chorley 6 Hour Race (6 hour challenge) [Lancashire]
Atlantic Coast Challenge Day 2 [Cornwall] Three Towers Ultra Marathon (43 ish miles) [Lancashire]
Snowdon Trail Running Challenge Marathon [Gwynedd] Snowdon Trail Running Challenge Ultra [Gwynedd]
Dark Peak 30 Ultra Trail (30 miles) [South Yorkshire]
Leviathon 50 Mile Ultra [Surrey]
Sunday 07/10/2018JERSEY MARATHON" , It's a Numbers Game Day 2 [Surrey] The Limestone Way Ultra Trail Run (43 miles) [Derbyshire]
BOURNEMOUTH MARATHONGreat Barrow Challenge Autumn Double Day 2 [Suffolk] The Downslink Ultra (38 miles) [Surrey]
CHESTER MARATHON" , Atlantic Coast Challenge Day 3 [Cornwall] Laich o Moray 50 (50 miles) [Grampian]
Saturday 13/10/2018Plym Trail Marathon Pony Express (60 miles)
Chase Marathon Kangaroo Kanter (6 hour timed event)
Adventures into Wonderland (46 and 65 KM options) [Fifth]
Founders Challenge (27 miles) [Surrey]
Sunday 14/10/2018YORKSHIRE MARATHONPlym Trail Marathon Owl Amble (6 hour timed event)
LOCH RANNOCK MARATHONPaula Radcliffe Sporting Legends Challenge (6 hour timed event) [Essex] Dark Skies Run Galloway (29 miles) [Dumfries and Galloway]
Saturday 20/10/2018GREAT LANGDALEYorkshire Three Peaks (70k)
Beerathon (8 hour challenge event) [Kent]
Yorkshire Pen-Y-Ghent Ultra (50 KM) [North Yorkshire]
Yorkshire 3 Peaks Ultra (70 KM) [North Yorkshire]
Can't Stop The Running Day 1 (6 hour timed event) [Surrey]
Sunday 21/10/2019CHELMSFORD MARATHON (Essex) Hardmoors 26.2: Osmotherley [North Yorkshire] Ranscombe Autumn Chalenge (8 hour challenge event) [Kent]
Can't Stop The Running Day 2 (6 hour timed event) [Surrey]
Saturday 27/10/2018SNOWDONIA [Gwynedd]Beachy Head Marathon [East Sussex] The Exmoor Trail Running Challenge Ultra [Somerset]
Exmoor Trail Running Challenge Marathon [Devon] Exmoor Trail Running Challenge Ultra [Devon]
The Exmoor Trail Running Challenge Marathon [Somerset]
Sunday 28/10/2018DUBLIN Grim Hubble Bubble Marathon Grim Hubble Bubble Ultra
Wednesday 31/10/2019Halloween Chalenge (6 hour challenge event) [Kent]
November 2018
Saturday 03/11/2018 The Pumpkin Marathon [Shropshire]
The Spooky Marathon [Shropshire]
Thames Meander [Surrey]
Sunday 04/11/2018 November Nightmare Day 1 [Shropshire] Runger Games (6 hour timed event) [Berkshire]
Grim Northern Jumble Marathon Grim Northern Jumble Ultra
Monday 05/11/2018 November Nightmare Day 2 [Shropshire]
Tuesday 06/11/2018 November Nightmare Day 3 [Shropshire]
Wednesday 07/11/2018 November Nightmare Day 4 [Shropshire]
Thursday 08/11/2018 November Nightmare Day 5 [Shropshire]
Friday 09/11/2018 November Nightmare Day 6 [Shropshire]
Tollymore Trail Marathon [County Down] The Druids Challenge (84 miles)
Tollymore Trail Ultra Marathon 940 miles) [County Down]
Saturday 10/11/2018 November Nightmare Day 7 [Shropshire] Dinosaur Dash (6 Hour Timed Event) [Surrey]
Hardmoors 26.2: Goathland [North Yorkshire] Battle of Britain Chalenge (6 hour challenge event) [Kent]
Sunday 11/11/2018 Phoenix Remembrance Day Marathon Centenary Special [Surrey]Remembrance Day 100th Anniversary Race (6 hour timed events) [Essex]
November Nightmare Day 8 [Shropshire] Wooler Trail Marathon (28.5 miles) [Northumberland]
Armistice Day Chalenge (6 hour challenge event) [Kent]
Wednesday 14/11/2018Hell of a Hill Marathon Day 1 [Greater Manchester]
Thursday 15/11/2018Hell of a Hill Marathon Day 2 [Greater Manchester]
Friday 16/11/2018Hell of a Hill Marathon Day 3 [Greater Manchester]
Saturday 17/11/2018Maravan Day 1 [Lincolnshire]Grim Kirkstall Abbey Trail Running Festival Ulra [West Yorkshire]
Grim Kirkstall Abbey Trail Running Festival Marathon [West Yorkshire] Maravan Day 1 [Lincolnshire]
Hell of a Hill Marathon Day 4 [Greater Manchester]The Beacons Ultra (46 miles) [Powys]
The Beacons Trail Marathon [Powys] Winter Is Coming Run (6 hour timed event) [Berkshire]
Sun Set to Sunrise Challenge [Shropshire]
Sunday 18/11/2018Maravan Day 2 [Lincolnshire]Maravan Day 2 [Lincolnshire]
Riverside Marathon [Essex]Sundon Saunter (27 miles) [Bedfordshire]
Hell of a Hill Marathon Day 5 [Greater Manchester]
Thursday 22/11/2018Timelord On The Thames [Surrey]Samphire Challenge (6 hour challenge event) [Kent]
Saturday 24/11/2018Fudgeathon (6 hour challenge event) [Kent]
Peak District South-2-North Stage 1 (50 KM) [Derbyshire]
Sunday 25/11/2018Clown Challenge (6 hour challenge event) [Kent]
Peak District South-2-North Stage 2 (43 KM) [Derbyshire]
Hardwolds 80 (80 miles) [East Yorkshire]
35th Gatliff Marathon (31 miles) [Kent]
Monday 26/11/2018Hugin Challenge (6 hour challenge event) [Kent]
Tuesday 27/11/2018 Viking Challenge (6 hour challenge event) [Kent]
Wednesday 28/11/2018 Music Legends (6 hour challenge event) [Kent]
Thursday 29/11/2018 Betteshanger Challenge (6 hour challenge event) [Kent]
Friday 30/11/2018 St Andrews Day Challenge (6 hour challenge event) [Kent]
December 2018
Saturday 01/12/2018 Dark Peaks Trail Marathon [South Yorkshire] Advent Challenge (6 hour challenge event) [Kent]
The MONTANE® Cheviot Goat Ultra (55 miles) [Northumberland]
Sunday 02/12/2018 Lucky Dip Challenge (6 hour challenge event) [Kent]
Saturday 08/12/2018Run For Your Elf (6 hour timed event) [Surrey]
Winter Run to the Castle [Gwynedd]
Sunday 09/12/2018Grim Leeds and Liverpool Christmas Cracker
Hardmoors 26.2: Roseberry [North Yorkshire]
Friday 14/12/2018 On The Edge Challenge [Cumbria]
Saturday 15/12/2018Grim Elsecar [South Yorkshire]
Rampside Ramble [Cumbria] Usual Suspects Challenge (6 hour challenge event) [Kent]
Tour de Helvellyn (38 miles) [Cumbria]
Sunday 16/12/2018 SIKHS IN THE CITY DAWN TO DUSK MARATHON [Greater London] Dockside Dilemma [Cumbria] Sikhs in the City Dawn to Dusk Ultra [Greater London]
Friday 28/12/2018Great Barrow Xmas Triple Triple Day 1
Saturday 01/12/2018CHRISTMAS NOTTINGHAM MARATHON [Nottinghamshire]
Thursday 27/12/2018Run Home (6 hour timed event) [Berkshire]
Sunrise to Sunset Challenge [Shropshire]
Friday 28/12/2018Year End Marathon [Surrey]
Saturday 29/12/2018Great Barrow Xmas Triple Triple Day 2
Saturday 29/12/2018Frozen Phoenix - Day 1 [Surrey]
Sunday 30/12/2018Great Barrow Xmas Triple Triple Day 3
Frozen Phoenix - Day 2 [Surrey]
January 2019
Saturday 05/01/2019Grim Winter Sir Titus Trot Marathon [West Yorkshire] Grim Winter Sir Titus Trot Ultra [West Yorkshire]
Winter Enigma [Buckinghamshire]


Sunday 06/01/2019East Hanningfield Trail Marathon [Essex]
Winter Enigma [Buckinghamshire]


Saturday 12/01/2019Grim Wuthering Heights Wander [West Yorkshire]
Saturday 19/01/2019Grim Pierrepont Challenge (6 hour challenge event) [Nottinghamshire]
Saturday 26/01/2019Pick N Mix Movies [Surrey] The Peddars Way Ultra Marathon (47 miles) [Suffolk]
Winter Holly Challenge [Shropshire]
Sunday 27/01/2019 Offa's Twisted Wye Kanter 3 [Gwent]
Sunday 30/01/2019Challenger One [Surrey]
February 2019
Friday 01/02/2019 Raidlight Arc of Attrition (100 miles) [Cornwall]
Saturday 02/02/2019Icing On The Cake [Shropshire] Raidlight Arc 50 (50 miles) [Cornwall]
Friday 08/02/2019THE CHARLES DARWIN DAY MARATHON [Shropshire]
Saturday 16/02/2019The Winter Railway Ultra [Shropshire]
Tuesday 26/02/2019 Marathon Day Marathon [Kent]
March 2019
Saturday 02/03/2019GROUNDHOG MARATHON [Shropshire]
Sunday 10/03/2019 Brecon to Cardiff Ultra (70 KM)[Powys]
Monday 18/03/2019Codopoly Day 1 [Shropshire]
Tuesday 19/03/2019Codopoly Day 2 [Shropshire]
Wednesday 20/03/2019Codopoly Day 3 [Shropshire]
Saurday 30/03/2019Silkin Way Ultra [Shropshire]
Friday 19/04/2019Good Friday Marathon [Buckinghamshire]


Monday 22/04/2019Easter Monday Marathon [Buckinghamshire]




******** OLD EVENTS BELOW *********

04-Mar-17  Phoenix Spring Green Man
05-Mar-17Steyning Stinger , Mill Hill , New Forest , Meadows , Chiltern Kanter , Hockley Wood , Millenium Way , Hockley Wood ,
07-Mar-17Book Day Challenge
09-Mar-17 Running Miles at Dorney Lake
11-Mar-17SPRING SHAKESPEARE Hermes Thames Meander , Moonlight Challenge , Canal Canter , Halworth Hobble Amersham Ultra 51m ,
12-Mar-17WREXHAM , SOUTHEND , BARRY Larmer , Moyleman , Thaxted , West Pennine , Barry 40 , Dirt Run 32m ,
13-Mar-17Enigma Week at the Knees
14-Mar-17Enigma Week at the Knees , Golden Fleece , Starfish Marathon ,
15-Mar-17Enigma Week at the Knees
16-Mar-17Enigma Week at the Knees
17-Mar-17Enigma Week at the Knees
18-Mar-17TRALEE (Co. Kerry, Ireland) , CTS Sussex , Enigma Week at the Knees , Gin Pit , Charnwood Hardmoors 55 , Newcastle Winter Wonder 6hr ,
19-Mar-17Enigma Week at the Knees , Gin Pit , Cerne Giant , Sevenoaks Circ 30m ,
24-Mar-17Jurassic Coast 1 ,
25-Mar-17SVN Charity Challenge , Dark Skies , Maverick-X-Yorkshire Dales , Jurassic Coast 2 , QE Park Spring Born to Run , Midnight Ultra
26-Mar-17SVN Charity Challenge , QE Spring , Daffodil Dawdle , Jurassic Coast 3 ,
01-Apr-17Temple Newsam , 3 Shires , Warton Scramble , Fowlmead 50/12hr Challenge , 3 Shires 29m , Viking Way Ultra ,
02-Apr-17BUNGAY BLACK DOG , TAUNTON Groovy Baby , Devonshire Dumpling ,
08-Apr-17 Spring Ranscombe Challenge , CTS Exmoor , Bath Beat , Allendale Chall , SDW50
09-Apr-17Rachel's Ranscombe Ramble , White Horse , Pewsey Downsaround , Haverhill , John Ray (Rayne) , Coventry Way
14-Apr-17Enigma Good Friday , Great Barrow Challenge , Calderdale Hike ,
15-Apr-17Northampton Cakeathon , Great Barrow ChallengeMillenium Way Back
16-Apr-17Northampton Chocathon , NEMC Druridge Bay ,
17-Apr-17BOSTONEnigma Easter Monday
22-Apr-17Wonderland Caucus Race , Fox 42k , Dawn Chasers , Fox Ultra 60k ,
23-Apr-17CONNEMARA , BLACKPOOL , SOUTHAMPTONSt Georges Day Marathon , Breckland Forest , Longhorn ,
28-Apr-17 Vale of Glamorgan ,
29-Apr-17 CTS Pembrokeshire , Plym Trail 1 TP100 , Fellsman , IoW Challenge , Oxon 40m , Tyne Trail Ultra 75k/150k ,
30-Apr-17NORTH DORSET VILLAGE , LIMERICK , ASHFORD & DISTRICT , Plym Trail 2 , Wickham Whistle , Valley & Views , Three Forts , Salcomble Coastal , Pound the Bounds , Neolithic , Heritage Coast , IoW Challenge , Lightning Run
01-May-17BELFAST CITY , Cakeathon May Bank Holiday ,
04-May-17 Hardmoors 200
06-May-17Viking Challenge , Pacer Challenge , Enduroman Viking 100 , Ox 12 hour, Ox 50 , Hardmoors 110 , Enduroman , Ridgeway 40m , Malvern Hills ,
07-May-17SHAKESPEARE , HALSTEADViking Challenge ,Enduroman , Stroud Trail , Grim Roche Abbey ,
12-May-17Top Run , Ridgeway 40 ,
13-May-17LAKES OF KILLARNEYHermes Bewl Water , Clun Valley , Rhondda Rollercoaster , Windmill Way , Hardcastle 24 , Hope 24 , Hermes Bewl Water 37.5m
14-May-17Starfish , Eastbourne Trackstar , Arun River , LDWA South Downs , Meridian Meander , Phoenix PJ's in the Park , Imerys Trail , NDW50
20-May-17WHITE PEAK Cape Wrath, The Quest , West Country , Jurassic Coast 100k
21-May-17WINDERMERE , STIRLING , WORCESTERLeaden Boot , Exeter , Excalibur , Guernsey Ultra
27-May-17KENT CIRCUIT Race the Tide , Phoenix Saturday Night , Claire Burren (Ireland) North York Moore 100m ,
28-May-17LIVERPOOL ROCK N ROLL , FLYING FOX , NEWRY , DORCHESTER , Jeskyns Challenge , Women Can ,  
29-May-17Spring Cakeathon
01-Jun-17Indy Run
03-Jun-17Viking Coastal , codrc-99 Blue Balloons , Maverick-X-Snowdonia , Harwich 24 , Dartmoor Discovery ,
04-Jun-17WALLED CITY MARATHON (Derry) , Reculver Marathon , Stour Valley , Coniston , Needles XC , Lakeland Trails , Shires and Spires
05-Jun-17CORK CITY (Ireland)
07-Jun-17Goonie Run
08-Jun-17 Who ya Gonna Call Run
10-Jun-17 Summer Track (Warrington) , codrc-Holly Challenge , Runstock , Thames Path Potter , Farthingstone Foot Fest , NEMC Gibside , Bolton Hill , Black Phoenix , Enigma Redway Festival , Mourne Way , Endure 24 , Monster Ambit , Wilderbeast 24 , Norfolk 100km , Dragon Seeker 60k , cent-SDW100 ,
11-Jun-17YEOVIL , WEXFORD , Summer Track (Warrington) , Thames Path Potter , Baht'at , Wainstones , Enigma Redway Festival
15-Jun-17Running Miles at Dorney Lake
17-Jun-17Enigma Clueless , South Downs (209) , Baslow Boot Bash , Malvern Midsummer , Tsunami , Poppyline , Langport Festival , Conquest of Avalon , Immortals 24 , Tsunami 36m , The Wall 69m ,
18-Jun-17 THOROUGHBRED RUN (Kildare, Co Kildare) , Hampshire Hoppit, Enigma Clueless , Langport Festival ,
22-Jun-17SVN Lucky Dip
24-Jun-17MIDNIGHT MARATHON , WATERFORD , Giants Head , Rocks&Rollin , V3K , Kent 50m . Harp 24hr , Rocks&Rollin 39.3m ,
Race to the King (Sunday only event counts),Gargrave , Herts Hobble , Rocks&Rollin , Rocks&Rollin 39.3m , Bates Green Gallop ,
29-Jun-17Great Barrow Challenge
30-Jun-17Great Barrow Challenge
01-Jul-17codrc-Snickerthon, Great Barrow Challenge , Isoman , Enigma Need for Speed , XNRG Go Round the Island , Serpent Trail 50k , Cotswold Way 50k , Holcombe 42m ,

- Cancelled
Littledown , Great Barrow Challenge , High Weald , Enigma Need for Speed , Bude Beast 30m , XNRG Go Round the Island , ,
03-Jul-17Great Barrow Challenge
04-Jul-17Great Barrow Challenge
05-Jul-17Great Barrow Challenge
06-Jul-17Great Barrow Challenge
07-Jul-17Great Barrow Challenge , RM Dinton Pastures ,
08-Jul-17Ranscombe Summer , Great Barrow Challenge , Denholme Doddle , Hallow 12 Parish , Ham & Lyme , Cider Frolic 12 hour , Saint Cuthberts Way , Hallow 12 Parish 40m ,
09-Jul-17Ranscombe Summer , From Here to There and Back , Hermes North Downs , Lions Bridge ,
15-Jul-17Samphire Challenge, Pacer Challenge , Pcodrc-Piece of Cake , Race to the Stones Samphire 100 , Spitfire Scramble , Essex 100 , XNRG Chiltern Challenge ,
16-Jul-17Fairlands Valley Challenge , Part of the Story , Samphire Challenge , Way Not Run , Race to the Stones , , grim-Black Sheep 6hr ,
20-Jul-17ACHILL (Directors, Ireland) ,
21-Jul-17ACHILL (Directors, Ireland) ,
22-Jul-17ACHILLMusic Legends - Prince , Lunatic Cotswolds 24 , Thunder Run , Achill Ultra 39.3m
23-Jul-17ACHILLSnowdonia , Beatrix Potter Challenge , Bath Off Road , Achill Ultra 39.3m
29-Jul-17SALWICK SCORCHER 6 , Dorset Invader , Enigma Planes ,Twilight Marathon Manvers Dusk till Dawn ,
30-Jul-17SALWICK SCORCHER 7 , Enigma Planes , Fort William ,
31-Jul-17Passchendaele Centenary Run
01-Aug-17 SVN Very British Challenge ,  
02-Aug-17 Enigma Schools out ,  
03-Aug-17 SVN Very British Challenge , Enigma Schools out ,  
05-Aug-17 Phoenix Summer , Dark Phoenix , Maverick-X-North York Moors , Midnight . codrc-Railway Ultra , cent-NDW , Mendip Marauder 30/50m ,
06-Aug-17  GLOUCESTER CITY , Vanguard Way , Dovedale Dipper , Midnight (South Downs) , Chislehurst Commons ,  
10-Aug-17 Ghost of Coyote  
11-Aug-17 Darnley Challenge  
12-Aug-17  EAST CORK HARBOUR (Ireland) , Hermes Thames Meander , Music Legends - Elvis , Aliens vs Trail Runners , Merry Hill Challenge , SVP 100k
13-Aug-17  ISLE OF MAN , codrc-Rocky Horror , Rosedale , Punk Run , Salisbury 54321 , NEMC Coastal Alnmouth ,  
17-Aug-17QUADRATHON Extreme , (Co. Donegal)  
18-Aug-17QUADRATHON Extreme , (Co. Donegal) ,   
19-Aug-17QUADRATHON Extreme , (Co. Donegal) , Birmingham Canal Canter , Twilight Chase , codrc-Run to the Castle Ultra ,
Sun 20/08/2017QUADRATHON Extreme , (Co. Donegal) , Leila's Run  
Thursday 24/08/2017ACHILL (Directors, Ireland) ,
Friday 25/08/2017ACHILL (Directors, Ireland) ,
Saturday 26/08/2017  ARMAGH CITY (N/Ireland) , ACHILL (Ireland) , East Farm , Enigma Trains , Hills and DalesEast Farm 50k , The Crossing 33m , Achill Ultra 39.3m , London to Brighton Challenge 100k , South Coast Challenge , Liverpool - Leeds Canal Race
Sunday 27/08/2017LONGFORD (Ireland) , ARMAGH CITY (N/Ireland) , ACHILL (Ireland) , Enigma Trains ,WoldinghamEast Farm 12 hour , Chiltern Way , White Cliffs 32m , Achill Ultra 39.3m
Monday 28/08/2017SVN Cakeathon Challenge
Thursday 31/08/2017Phoenix Mogwai-1 ,
Friday 01/09/2017Phoenix Mogwai-2 ,
Saturday 02/09/2017DINGLEBlack Hugin ,SLAMM , Grim Hornsea , Dartmoor , Joust 24 , St Albans Stampede , Shotley Peninsula 53m ,
Sunday 03/09/2017  KENT COASTAL , WOLVERHAMPTON , HEXHAM TRACK MARATHON City to Sea , Andover Trail MarathonCity to Sea , London to Brighton
Saturday 09/09/2017NEW FOREST 11th Tour des Marches , Something Wild Trail Marathon , NEW FOREST , Race to the Farm , Thames Path Challenge , Bad Cow Frolic 12 Hour Race
Sunday 10/09/2017Thetford Iceni , The Yorkshireman, Bacchus Marathon, Bad Cow Marathon, Cheddar Gorge Marathon, Farnham Pilgrims Marathon, Chiltern Marathon, The Wild OneBridge to Bridge Stourbridge 34m , Woodland Way Challenge - 6 hour timed event, The Sussex Loops - 32 mile
Wednesday 13/09/2017SVN Lucky Dip ,
Thursday 14/09/2017Dorney Lake 6hr ,
Saturday 16/09/2017MEDIEVAL MARATHON KILKENNY ,codrc-Yabba Dabba Doo , Beerathon , Heart of England Forest , Maverick-X-Peak District , Rewell Wood , Harvest HobbleHardmoors 60m , cent-CW50 , Open to Offas - 30 mile , Red Rose 50 (50 mile or 30 mile), The Cumbria Way Ultra (73 miles), Robin Hood 100, Ben Nevis Ultra 120K),
Sunday 17/09/2017RICHMOND RUNFEST , Ouse Valley Way , The Rutland Marathon, Purbeck Marathon, Ponton Plod (27 miles), SVN Autumn Ranscombe (8 hour challenge event), Belmont 30 (33.8 miles), Glencoe Skyline 55K,
Saturday 23/09/2017Enigma Automobiles , , Hangers Heroes , Cotswold Challenge , Run Wimbledon Marathon, DT40, Causeway Coast MarathonEqiunox 24 , XNRG Tring Ultra 31m , Guts Ultra (58k) , Top Run II , Night Phoenix, Surrey Tops (50 mile), Causeway Coast Ultra (40 miles),
Sunday 24/09/2017LOCH NESS , HULL , BARNSTAPLE , ROBIN HOOD , Enigma Automobiles , Monster , Kings Forest, Monster Ultra 68k , Surrey Hills Challenge (60 KM)
Monday 25/09/2017Enigma Recycler ,
Saturday 30/09/2017, CTS North York Moors , Plym Autumn 1 , codrc The Guardians , Pyjamathon , Hope 12 (12 hour challenge event) , BIF 50 Ultra Marathon ,
Sunday 01/10/2017Plym Autumn 2 , SVN Battle of Britain , Clarendon Marathon, Jersey Marathon, Flower of Suffolk, Glencoe Marathon Downslink Ultra (38 mile), Fisherman Ultra (52 KM), The Limestone Way Ultra (43 miles), Stour Valley Special Marathon
Friday 06-Oct-17Atlantic Coast Chall-1 , Ultra Trail Scotland - Vertical Race (75K)
Saturday 07/10/2017GALWAY BAY (Ireland) , Atlantic Coast Chall-2 , Phoenix It's A Numbers Game , Bassetlaw Bash , Great Barrow Challenge , Where Raven's Dare, Forest & Moors MarathonSandstone Way , Round Ripon , 3 Towers , Dave Lewis Challenge (27.5 mile), , 3 Towers , Gower 50 (50 mile), Saltmarsh 75 , Lakes in a Day (50 mile), The High Life (105K, 80K and 50K options) ,
Sunday 08/10/2017CHESTER , YORKSHIRE , BOURNEMOUTH , MERTHYR TYDFIL , ISLE OF WIGHTAtlantic Coast Chall-2 , Phoenix It's a numbers Game 2 , Kielder , Sussex Marathon, Great Barrow Challenge, Race For Life Marathon, Windsor River Trail Marathon Saltmarsh 75 , Changford Challenge (30 mile) ,
Saturday 14/10/2017Eeyore Expedition Challenge , Founders Challenge , Northern Jumble , Dark Peak , XNRG Pony Express 30m , Founders Challenge (27 miles) , Dark Peak 30 Ultra (30 miles) , Dark Peak 30 Ultra (30 miles) , Upton Ultra Run (30 and 50 mile options) ,
Sunday 15/10/2017BIRMINGHAM , MAIDSTONE , RUN SCOTLAND MARATHON (Loch Rannoch), LEICESTER MARATHON Piglet Plod Challenge , Eden Project Marathone, Spires and Steeples, Burton Marathon, lXNRG Pony Express 30m ,
Saturday 21/10/2017BETTESHANGER,CTS Suffolk ,Dark Skies , Autumn 100 , Ennerdale Trail Run (50km) , Yorkshire Three Peaks Ultra (70km), BTTF Day Run (6 hour timed event) , Changford Challenge (30 miles) ,
GREAT LANGDALE Salcombe Coastal Marathon,
Sunday 22/10/2017CHELMSFORD , Autumn Cakeathon ,
Osmotherley ,
Tuesday 24/10/2017Enigma 3 Lakes (Willen) ,
Wednesday 25/10/2017Enigma 3 Lakes (Furzton) ,
Thursday 26/10/2017Enigma 3 Lakes , (Caldecotte) ,
Friday 27/10/2017Phoenix Ill be Back ,
Saturday 28/10/2017 MORPETH TO NEWCASTLE MARATHON, Pumpkin Marathon, ,Hell ot the Mynd (50K),
SNOWDONIASpooky Challenge , Ellie on the Humber Halloween Madness (6 hour timed event)
Grim Double Bubble ,
Beachy Head .
Blackwater ,
Norfolk Coastal Trail Marathon,
Hell ot the Mynd
Sunday 29/10/2017DUBLIN , codrc-November Nightmare , Stort 30 ,,
, Grim Bubble Exmoor Trail Running Challenge Ultra
DARTMOOR VALE MARATHON ,Exmoor Trail Running Challenge Marathon,
Dusk till Dawn (26 mile) Dusk till Dawn (50 mile)
The Abbeycroft Leisure Marathon (26 mile)
Monday 30/10/2017November Nightmare
Tuesday 31/10/2017 November Nightmare Halloween Challenge (6 hour timed event)
Wednesday 01/11/2017 November Nightmare Vegan Day Challenge (6 hour timed event)
Thursday 02/11/2017November Nightmare
Friday 03/11/2017codrc-November Nightmare The Rebellion Ultra (135 mile single stage)
Saturday 04/11/2017Enigma Fireworks [Buckinghamshire] Meangate Ultra 12 Hour Night Trail Race [Kent]
Hermes Thames Meander [Surrey] , Short Circuit 50K [West Yorkshire],
Gordano Round [Somerset]White Rose Ultra (30, 60 & 100 mile options) [West Yorkshire],
Glen Ogle Ultra Marathon (33 miles) [Perthshire]
Sunday 05/11/2017Enigma Fireworks [Berkshire]
Newcastle Town Moor Mo Marathon [Tyne and Wear]
Wednesday 08/11/2017Hell of a Hill Day 1 [Lancashire] ,
Thursday 09/11/2017Hell of a Hill Day 2 [Lancashire] ,
Friday 10/11/2017Hell of a Hill Day 3 [Lancashire] , XNRG Druids Challenge 28m [Buckinghamshire, Berkshire],
Saturday 11/11/2017AUTUMN SHAKESPEARE ,Hell of a Hill Day 4 [Lancashire] Sunset to Sunrise [Shropshire]
Phoenix Remembrance Day , XNRG Druids Challenge 28m
CTS Gower ,Kings Forest 50K,
Velodrome Brighton ,Tollymore Trail Ultra (40 miles)
Goathland Trail Marathon
Tollymore Trail Marathon,
Sunday 12/11/2017Hell of a Hill 5 XNRG Druids Challenge 28m
Phoenix Jurassic Ty-RUN-osaunus
Monday 13/11/2017Phoenix Jurassic Tricra-TROT
Tuesday 14/11/2017Phoenix JurassicDi-PLOD-ocus ,
Saturday 18/11/2017Kirkstall Abbey , The Beacons Ultra (46 miles) ,
Phoenix Day at the Movies ,
Maravan ,
Sunday 19/11/2017CORNISH Phoenix Riverside Wooler Trail Marathon Wonderland Caucus Race (6 hour challenge event)
NEWCASTLE TOWN MOOR MARATHON Maravan , Tweed Valley Ultra (50K & 65K options)
Broadway Marathon, The Woller Trail Marathon (28.5 miles)
Mid Kent Marathon
Shillington Shuffle
Thursday 23/11/2017Phoenix Timelord of the Thames 1 ,
Friday 24/11/2017SVN Samphire Challenge (6 hour timed event)
Saturday 25/11/2017cent-WW50
Fudgeathon (6 hour timed event)
Sunday 26/11/2017Owler Winter Festive Frolic
SVN Saxon Shore Gatliff Marathon 50K
Colworth Hare and Tortoise Run Loop the Lough (54 miles)
SVN Saxon Shore (6 hour timed event)
Monday 27/11/2017Hugin Challenge (6 hour timed event)
Tuesday 28/11/2017Relativity Run (6 hour timed event)
Wednesday 29/11/2017Soul Cake Chall (6 hour timed event)
Thursday 30/11/2017St Andrews Day Chall (6 hour timed event)
Friday 01/12/2017Advent Challenge (6 hour timed event)
Saturday 02/12/2017CTS Dorset Tour de Trigs (30 and 50 mile events),
Dark Peak Trail Marathon Cheviot Goat Ultra (55 miles),
Cwmhir Challenge (27 miles)Wicklow Way 100 (100 miles)
Fowlmead (6 hour timed event)
Sunday 03/12/2017NOTTINGHAM CHRISTMAS , Mouth 2 Mouth Marathon (28 miles) ,
Fowlmead Lucky Dip (6 hour timed event)
Wednesday 06/12/2017Enigma Deja Vu ,
Saturday 09/12/2017CLONAKILTY WATERFRONT MARATHON Enigma Christmas Run to the Castle Ultra (42 miles) [Shropshire],
Run to the Castle Marathon
Sunday 10/12/2017Grim Christmas Cracker
Enigma Christmas
Roseberry Trail Marathon
Wednesday 13/12/2017Dinton Challenge (6 hour timed event),
Friday 15/12/2017On The Edge Challenge,
Saturday 16/12/2017Bovington Marathon Tour de Helvellyn (38 miles),
Newark Showground SVN Usual Suspects (6 hour timed event)
Elsecar Santa Dash Marathon
Rampside Ramble
Sunday 17/12/2017Newark Showground ,Dawn to Dusk Ultra (Challenge Event)
Portsmouth Coastal Marathon,Portsmouth Coastal Marathon
Dockside DilemaUsual Suspects (6 hour timed event)
Bovington MarathonMince Pie Run (lapped challenge event)
Mince Pi RunWinter Wonderland Run (6 hour timed event)
Tuesday 19/12/2017 Christmas Cracker Marathon - Caldecotte
Thursday 21/12/2017Christmas Cracker Marathon - Willen ,
Saturday 23/12/2017Dymchurch Marathon
Sunday 24/12/2017 Christmas Cracker Marathon - Furzton ,
Wednesday 27/12/2017 MCI Portuma Marathon [County Galway] Surise to Sunset [Shropshire]
Thursday 28/12/2017 Phoenix Year End Winter Cross Ultra (50K and 45 mile options),
Great Barrow Christmas Series Day 1
Friday 29/12/2017Frozen Phoenix 1 ,
Great Barrow Christmas Series Day 2,
December 2017
Saturday 30/12/2017Frozen Phoenix 2
Great Barrow Christmas Series Day 3
Sunday 31/12/2017Liverbird New Year's Eve Marathon New Years Eve Fowlmead Challenge (6 hour timed event)
Flitch Way MarathonWinter Wonderland Run (6 hour timed event)
Monday 01/01/2018NEW YEARS DAY Liverbird New Year's Day Marathon ,Hardmoors 30
Saturday 06/01/2018Grim Sir Titus Trot ,Grim Sir Titus Trot
Enigma Winter , Dartmoor - The Winter Traverse [Devon]
MCI Listowel Marathon [County Kerry]
Sunday 07/01/2018 Enigma Winter Another Medal On The Wall (6 hour timed event)
East Hanningfield Trail Marathon [Essex] Resolution Run (6 hour timed event) [Hampshire]
Saturday 13/01/2018Grim Wuthering Heights Winter Wander (Marathon) Endurance Life CTC Series Anglesey (33.5 mile),
Endurance Life CTC Series Anglesey (Marathon),Winter Cakeathon (6 hour timed event)
Country to Capital Ultra (45 miles)
Sunday 14/01/2018WINTER GLOUCESTER , Fowlmead Chocathon (6 hour timed event)
Winter Wonderland Run (6 hour timed event)
Cold Christmas 50k [Essex],
Saturday 20/01/2018 Plym Trail WinterBeyond The Far Side (24 hour challenge event)
Ranscomne Winter (8 hour timed event)
grim-Pierrepont 6hr
Sunday 21/01/2018Ranscomne Ramble [Kent] Winter Tanners (40 mile, special anniversary edition)
Plym Trail Winter
January 2018
Saturday 27/01/2018Winter Holly Challenge [Shropshire] , Peddars Way Ultra (48 miles)31m
MCI Lilliput AGM Marathon [Ireland] Waterway 30
Winter Wychavon Way(40 miles)
Pick-n-Mix Sci-Fi (6 hour timed event)
Sunday 28/01/2018Wilmot Wander ,
Yorkshire Cakeathon (6 hour timed event)
The Runner Bean (6 hour timed event)
Falkirk Ultra Race (8 hour timed event) [Stirlingshire]
Dark Star River Marathon (28.2 miles) [Sussex]
Thursday 01/02/2018Enigma Quadzilla , BB-Big Bear 6hr ,
Friday 02/02/2018Enigma Quadzilla ,
Saturday 03/02/2018Icing on the Cake [Shropshire] XNRG Pilgrim Challenge Day 1
grim-Bolton AbbeyEndurance Life CTC Series South Devon (34.3 miles)
Enigma Quadzilla Thames Trot Ultra (50 miles)
Endurance Life CTC Series South Devon (Marathon)
Sunday 04/02/2018Enigma Quadzilla , XNRG Pilgrim Challenge Day 2
4th Beautiful Bolton (Ultra and Marathon),4th Beautiful Bolton (Ultra and Marathon)
Montane Trail 26 GrizedaleMontane Trail 26 Grizedale
Portland Coastal Marathon
Friday 09/02/2018DARWIN DAY MARATHON [Shropshire] Raidlight Arc of Attrition (100 miles),
Saturday 10/02/2018Olympic Run (6 hour timed event)
Sunday 11/02/2018COTSWOLD Cancelled , Hardmoors Saltburn MarathonPunchbowl 30m
Brecon to Cardiff Ultra (70K)
Music Legends (6 hour timed event)
Winter Wonderland Run (6 hour timed event)
Monday 12/02/2018Unusual Suspects (6 hour timed event)
Tuesday 13/02/2018Gothic Challenge (6 hour timed event) ,
Wednesday 14/02/2018Valentines (6 hour timed event)
Thursday 15/02/2018Phoenix Breakfast Run ,
Friday 16/02/2018Phoenix Greased Lightning ,
Saturday 17/02/2018Phoenix Jaw Dropper Winter Railway Ultra (27 and 36 mile options) [Shropshire]
Last One Standing Ultra
Moonlight Challenge (8 hour timed event)
Sunday 18/02/2018Phoenix Dirty Running Frostbite 30
Marriotts Way Trail Marathon Rayne Challenge Event (6 hour challenge event)[Essex]
February 2018
Saturday 24/02/2018100 MARATHON CLUB AGM MARATHON [Greater London] Slaithwaite Slog Ultra
GHOST OF ROADRUNNER Slaithwaite Slog Marathon Endurance Life CTC Series Northumberland (35.2 miles)
Belvoir Challenge
Endurance Life CTC Series Northumberland (Marathon)
Ballina 3 in 2 Days [County Mayo]
Sunday 25/02/2018MODS Vs ROCKERS,
Glentress Trail Marathon
New Forest Challenge
Ballina 3 in 2 Days [County Mayo]
Monday 26/02/2018Marathon Day Marathon ,
Thursday 01/03/2018The Grim four by Four - Day 1
Friday 02/03/2018The Grim four by Four - Day 2
Saturday 03/03/2018 GROUNDHOG TRACK MARATHON [Shropshire] Phoenix Spring , Book Day Challenge (6 hour timed event)
The Grim four by Four - Day 3
MCI Limerick B2B [County Limerick]
Ras Dewi Sant Coast Path Marathon [Pembrokeshire]
Sunday 04/03/2018BRAINTREE TRACK MARATHON The Grim four by Four - Day 4Pick and Mix (multi loop challenge)
DORNEY LAKE MARATHON [Berkshire] Dorney Lake Marathon [Berkshire] Mega Challenge (6 hour timed event)
MCI Limerick B2B [County Limerick]Dorney Lake 6 Hour Challenge Event [Berkshire]
Meadows Marathon [Lothian] Batty Bimble (6 hour challenge event) [Hampshire]
Hockley Woods Trail Challenge (6 hour challenge event) [Essex]
Saturday 10/03/2018Thames Meander [Surrey]Viking 100 (24 hour, 6 hour and Pacer events also available)
West Pennines Marathon Double Dy 1 [Lancashire]Humanity Direct Amersham Ultra (31 miles)
Sunday 11/03/2018WREXHAM MARATHON larmer Tree Marathon The Imber Ultra (33 miles)
Cambridge Boundary Run
West Pennines Marathon Double Dy 2 [Lancashire]
Monday 12/03/2018Week at the Knees Day 1
Tuesday 13/03/2018Week at the Knees Day 2, Endurance Life CTC Series Sussex (34.1 miles),
Endurance Life CTC Series Sussex (Marathon),
Wednesday 14/03/2018Week at the Knees Day 3,
Thursday 15/03/2018Week at the Knees Day 4,
Friday 16/03/2018Week at the Knees Day 5,
Saturday 17/03/2018Week at the Knees Day 6,Hardmoors 55
New Forest Running Festival (50k)
Sunday 18/03/2018TRALEE INTERNATIONAL MARATHON [County Kerry] Week at the Knees Day 7 The Millenium Way (41 Miles)
LET'S GO ROUND AGAIN MARATHON [Nottinghamshire]Doddle WestSevenoaks Circular
Loch Katrine MarathonOldham Way Ultra (40 miles)
Winter Wonderland Run (6 hour timed event)
Brightlingsea Challenge Event (6 hour challenge event)[Essex]
Dirt Run Ultra in the Black Country [West Midlands] (6 hour challenge event)[Essex]
Boxfit Endurance Run (5 hour challenge event)[Bedfordshire]
Monday 19/03/2018COD Triple Day 1 [Shropshire] ,
Tuesday 20/03/2018COD Triple Day 2 [Shropshire] ,
Wednesday 21/03/2018COD Triple Day 3 [Shropshire] ,
Friday 23/03/2018Jurassic Coast Challenge Day 1 [Dorset]
Enigma Edge [Buckinghamshire]
Saturday 24/03/2018KENT CIRCUIT MARATHON Cancelled The Grim Canal Canal Canter Marathon The Grim Canal Canal Canter Ultra,
8th Gin Pit Double Day 1 Betteshanger Challenge (6 hour timed event)
Western Greenway Marathon [County Mayo] The Three Shires (27 & 29 mile options)
Jurassic Coast Challenge Day 2 [Dorset] Charnwood Marathon (27 miles)
Poets Path Potter [Gloucestershire]


Western Greenway Ultra Marathon (52 miles) [County Mayo]
Silkin Way Ultra [Shropshire]
Sunday 25/03/2018QE Spring MarathonCharity Challenge (6 hour timed event)
8th Gin Pit Double Day 2Canalathon (50K, 75k and 100k options)
Daffodil Dawdle
Devonshire Dumpling
Jurassic Coast Challenge Day 3 [Dorset]
Wednesday 28/03/2017Dinton Easter Challenge (6 hour times event) [Berkshire]
Friday 30/03/2018Enigma Good Friday , Devon Coast to Coast 117m
Great Barrow Challenge Quad Day 1[Suffolk] Belfast to Dublin Ultra (169K)
Devon Coast to Coast (27 miles) [Devon}
Enigma Good Friday Ultra (50K) [Buckinghamshire]
Saturday 31/03/2018THE ROS RUN [County Roscommon] The Temple Newsam Daffodil Dash Devon Coast to Coast (27 miles) [Devon}
Great Barrow Challenge Quad Day 2[Suffolk] Born to Run Ultra Festival (40 & 80 mile options) ,
Darnley Challenge (8 hour timed event)
Devon Coast to Coast (117 miles) [Devon}
Hell on The Humber Mad Hatter Endurance Race (6 or 9 hour timed event) [Humberside]
Manx Mountain Marathon (50.5 km) [Isle of Man]
Sunday 01/04/2018SGreat Barrow Challenge Quad Day 3 [Suffolk] RAF 100 ( 6 hour timed event)
The Dorset Ooser Marathon [Dorset] Devon Coast to Coast (27 miles) [Devon}
Monday 02/04/2018Enigma Easter Monday
Great Barrow Challenge Quad Day 4 Devon Coast to Coast (27 miles) [Devon}
Saturday 07/04/2018Phoenix Leon The Runner Crawley 24hr/12hr/6hr
Endurance Life CTC Series Exmoor (Marathon) , cent-SDW50
Magna Carta Marathon [Surrey]
Kielder Ulra (50K, 80K & 100K options)
The Vale of Glamorgan Coastal Ultra (32 miles),
The Oner (82 miles)
Endurance Life CTC Series Exmoor (32.8 miles)
Sunday 08/04/2018GREATER MANCHESTER Phoenix Groovy Baby , A Coventry Way Challenge (40 miles)
TAUNTON Druridge Bay Marathon
BUNGAY BLCK DOG MARATHON (Suffolk) The Kent Spring Marathon [Kent]
Saturday 14/04/2018BETTESHANGER MARATHON Grim Old Colliery Canter [South Yorkshire] Fowlmead 50 miles \ 12 hour timed cchallenge
Calderdale Hike (40 miles)
Wye Forest 50 (52 miles)
Sunday 15/04/2018BRIGHTON 18th Valleys and Views,



Events in CAPITALS are classified as ROAD marathons for 100MC purposes, all others, regardless of the actual surface are classified as trail marathons.
If you’d like an event to be considered to be added to the calendar please email us with the following details – 1) Event Name, 2) Event Date, 3) URL of information page 4) URL of entry page (if different).
Popular IRISH events included in the main list, otherwise see links below.


  • All marathons on the ‘British Marathon List’ above, are qualifying events in terms of 100 Marathon Club Statistics and qualification for membership.
  • Marathons of the exact distance of 26m 385yds, held in the United Kingdom and Ireland and predominantly on a road service, on certified courses are classed as “ROAD Marathons”.
  • For purposes of club statistics a “Track Marathon” can be classed as a “Road Marathon”.
  • All other marathons are classed as “Trail Marathons”.
  • A list of excluded events can be found on the Excluded Events page.


For a list of Other marathons in Ireland plus West & East Series please check
100 Marathon Club Ireland list and the East of Ireland Marathons.