MOR - Nick Cockburn

Nick Cockburn

Something unusual About me
I played football for West Bromwich Albion for 5 years in the youth team, unfortunately Guinness may have been my downfall to making it in the first team

Number of marathons

Fire sprinkler service engineer

First marathon
2012 Barcelona marathon, I remember how impossible I thought the distance was, it’s was 28 degrees and was totally unprepared for the heat and the distance

Who inspires me

A lot of people I have met on the running scene inspires me we all have different challenges and different reasons why we run. We can be out there for 3 hours or 7 but we all want to finish the distance and I’ve met some truly amazing people through running.

Running snack

Before I run I always have peanut butter on toast

Just sweets and biscuits

I crave chips and a Guinness

What is your passion outside running

I love watching cricket, I find it relaxing and peaceful, there’s nothing better than five days at a test match, I also like reading and try to read everyday.

Running kit

I’m quite minimal with my kit, I just use what works for me, if you can call it kit I would have to say deep heat and tiger balm it’s got me through a few injury’s

Running highlight

I would have to say my 100 th marathon, it was a challenge I never thought I’d complete, to be able to join our club was special and I’ve always been proud to wear the shirt, I was also lucky enough to have a lot of friends run with me that day and we all’s hared a few beers after, as it goes days don’t get much better than that

I ran my 100th at Broadmeadow runs December double which actually took place in November, this took place in Stratford upon Avon and finished at a pub, which was quite handy

I’ve always suffered with my ankles, i broke my ankle in 2006 and had to have temporary pins in it, I really suffered for the first 70 marathons but then I think it got used to it.