MOR - Simon Staples

Simon Staples

Non running:

I am a musician. I play piano and drums to a reasonable level. I’ve been paid and everything!

Number of marathons:

210 First Mara: Brighton 2015. I went nuts over training. Had two training plans and always picked the harder day out of the two Got round with 400ml of water and a 3:11 time. Was an inexperienced wreck at the end.

Who inspires me:

The RD’s that allow us to do these crazy things. Too many to name.


Im renowned for lucazade. As a treat and after a good one I’ll inhale a dominos pizza

Passion outside running:

Music. Listening to it, watching it, playing it.

Running kit recommendation:

Injini toe socks

Running Highlight:

Guinness world record with my twin sons and their friend from nursery (fastest half marathon pushing a triple buggy)


Lost one toe nail. A disc bulge that put me out for 8 weeks.


I ran it at Phoenix Running. It is my local “circuit” outfit and I have a man crush on the RD