MOR - Toks Ogundari

Tinu Ogundari but popularly known as Toks

Something unusual about me:

love musical theatre and performed tap routine to 200 people on Lewisham people’s day 10 years ago or so

Number of marathons:



NHS Mental Health care support worker

First marathon:

London 2006, was injured at mile 6 pulled hamstring but still manage to finish with another runner in 6.40 we both had same injury at the event, very bizzare but we got each other to the finish

Who inspires me:

People that never give up and keep going, shout out to Jo, Emmett and May just to mention a few kept me going in this rollercoaster journey to the 100th and also Steve Edwards for igniting the start of the mission to go for the 100 marathon club, the running community as a whole, simply inspirational to the core, my awesome fellow run mummy run sole sisters for almost 8 years has kept me going and so many inspirational groups.

My passion outside of running:

dancing <br/>

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