Lets Celebrate and Thank our Amazing Supporters

In the autumn of 2020 the committee called for members to nominate special people who have supported tham in their marathon runners. Those nominated to date have been sent a special supporters pin badge and these will continue to be sent until our stock runs out. All nominations are recorded below so the club can collecetively thanks and celebrate the amazing contribution to our sport and help us to achieve our goals and dreams. 

If you would like to nominate someone who has supported you in your marathon running you can send your nomination to Tim Lupton at kit@100marathonclub.org.uk

Nicola Freeborn nominated by Dave Freeborn

Huge thanks to my amazing wife Nicola Freeborn and Frankie the dog who have supported me through countless marathons. Couldn’t have done with out her. Here they are waiting for me again somewhere on the Kent coast!

Ann & Keith Odgers nominated by Ian Odgers

I would like to nominate my support crew

My mum and Dad Ann and Keith Odgers.  Followed me and crewed for me on several adventures

Teresa Edwards nominated by Ingrid Harris & Paul Davies
Ingrid Harris - I would like to nominate Steve Edwards wife (Teresa). Not for me but by me because she is there all the time supporting him and I think he is very lucky.

Paul Davies - I would like to nominate Theresa Edwards (Wife of Steve Edwards)
Theresa is there in all weathers and gives me a lot of encouragement as well as Steve and it is very well received to see a supportive figure/smiling face when the going gets tough!

Kate Waye nominated by Oswald Waye

Well my dear wife Kate Waye has supported me from the Start. 1987, and even now after running 170 Marathons all over the World (15 Virtual Marathons since July, Kate is still very much my best supporter, She too used to do a few shorter runs, but in last few years Kate wheelchair bound, is still very supporting.

OK, her reward has been to see most of the World, and even serving at London Marathon Water station.

I say Kate is very much my No1 Supporter, but I have noted that over the years that Kate supports one and all of fellow Runners. There has been times when she might have even been so busy cheering others, that she has maybe missed seeing me. lol

Where would we runners be without our family supporters, their dedication, love and time. Mind it does help. that though a Marathon might be to far for them to run, but its so great that my Kate loves to travel to support me, but also she loves to watch the marathons.

Louise Pullen nominated by Ian Pullen

I would like to nominate my wife Louise Pullen she has supported me at events since I started my journey and recently when I done 20in20 she taped my feet daily kicked me out the front door everyday cooked meals massaged my legs and truly supported me. She also a few times brought along ice lollies for me and handed lots out to other runners.

She has also volunteered at events I have done and helped on the aid stations etc and in general has been super supportive of all the challenges I have taken on including 100 mile event driving back and forth with our little two making sure I was ok and marching me into the finish line.

I wouldn’t of gotten to 91 marathons without her as a support network to me thank you doesn’t even come close.

Tim Webb nominated by Judith Webb

I would like to nominate my husband Tim for supporting me when I do marathons/ultras/multi-day events.

Amongst other things…..He chauffeurs me before and after the runs, watches me hobble and stagger around after - telling me I’m moving well!  Listens to my stories of how my mind and my bowels behaved during the run!  We went for fish and chips after I’d done a long distance event once, I was so thirsty I ordered a variety of 7 drinks for myself, the waitress was about to walk away from the table thinking the drinks were for us both and Tim pipes up could I order a drink for myself please!!  On my 100th Marathon I made 2 kg of tiffin cake for everyone to eat at the presentation, he carried the box full of tiffin cake all over York for 2 days until it all got eaten!

Jules Cockburn nominated by Nick Cockburn

I’d  like to nominate jules as a supporter, as you know she’s supported me through 316 marathons and put up with many night in a premier inn waiting for me to run. She’s also carried a lot of Guinness to our table when my legs wasn’t up to it

Emilee Williams nominated by Richard Williams

Without my little supporter, Emilee, I wouldn't be able to achieve anything in life or in running She makes it all possible and is definitely my nomination.

David Davidson nominated by Rita Williams

I'd like to nominate David Davidson - known to one and all as Davo. While racking up the numbers running marathons, he also finds time to man checkpoints, mark routes and sweep courses. If you find yourself running with him, his cheesy jokes are guaranteed to take your mind off your aches and his constant chatter keeps you going even when it's dark and you think you're lost. He also finds time to encourage runners at his local club Pitsea. 

Angie Whitmarsh nominated by Jim Whitmarsh

My darling wife ( Angie) has been supporting me for 30 years , always follows me abroad, I wonder why, free holiday. But at home I always carry my phone and I say to ang you might not be with me but if you are thinking of me just let my phone ring for a few seconds. Always gives me  that extra kick to push on.

Kay Norris nominated by Pat Norris

I would like to nominate my wife Kay as being the spouse of a marathon runner is an unforgiving and difficult task. I am exceptionally luck she gets up in the middle of the night to ferry me to obscure Marathons, while I sleep she drives. She stands in the rain pain passing me gels while I yell obscenities about how much it hurts and ask for the most obscure bits of kit at short of notice. She massages the smelliest of feet and tends to injuries as well as being my coach, motivator, physio, transport and kit lady. I am very lucky without her support I would be on my own. She is a regular face at many marathons, encouraging other runners and helps at aid stations whatever the aether or conditions as vital as my trainers

Philip Blazdell nominated by Lynda Copson

I would like to nominate a very wonderful runner called Philip Blazdell.  I met him at a random marathon (please don't ask me which one, but it may have been a Beg Bear event).  We got talking, and we've run together whenever we've been in an event together.  Philip runs for the sheer love of it, for the social interaction and gives and receives support selflessly.  He's as happy running 10k, half marathons and marathons.  We talk about everything; football (the only time I hate running with him is when his beloved Liverpool beats Arsenal!), world affairs, corporate midconduct (don't ask!) and how to measure curtains.  I kid you not, Philip asked me about how to measure curtains whilst we were running in a Saturn Running event at Runnymeade, and before we knew it, he had 2 other male runners joining in the conversation!  The miles pass so quickly when we chat, so much so that we may be running a lapped event and in the final lap we suddenly spot landmarks that we had been totally ignorant of whilst running.  Like statues of gnomes in a forest, 'medieval'  stocks along the Thames (outside the Runnymeade Hotel, in case you are wondering) and we've been known to run past turnaround points without realising it.


He is encouraging and has no hesitation in slowing down to give support to other runners.  He sometimes doesn't realise that he is a good runner, and how much his sunny disposition impacts positively on other runners.  When I had a particularly difficult summer in 2019 (asthma and associated hayfever was worse than usual) he made sure I ran/walked according to my ability to breath properly, and with his support I didn't feel useless in my inability to do more than cough my way along the course.


Philip has volunteered to run my first 100 miler as my unofficial pacer (an SVN event with a pacer entry).  He took this seriously,, and spent ages working out what he could do to support me - it wasn't a 'spur of the moment' offer, he was serious in his commitment.  Due to Covid this was postponed, which is a real shame.


Philip has had a few injuries, so can't alway run, but he will pop up when you least expect it as a marshall - always a pleasure.  


He is now unable to run due to needing an operation, but is already planning how he can marshall, support and generally still participate in all things running.  


I would be so proud if he could be recognised, and he would both love and hate the idea of being awarded a pin - as I said earlier, he doesn't realise how inspirational he is, and he would be embarrassed - but he deserves recognition.  



Andrew Harbrow nominated by Laurence Hylton

I would like to nominate my boyfriend Andy Harbrow. He’s always been so so supportive always giving up he time to drive me to event When I was on the road to 100. 

This is a great way for me to thank him 

Lynn Gillespie nominated by Andrew Gillespie

Can I nominate my wife Lynn. I have been running since 2003. She has never once complained about me going for a run (unless she enjoys the obvious peace when I am out).
  She does come away with me to some marathons but never stops me doing any event that takes my fancy, even if it means a weekend away.
   She washes all my muddy kit, cleans my shoes, buys my meals for when I’m away and most importantly helps me to pack. ( she does show a bit too much enthusiasm for the packing bit, lol).
  She is a diamond and this year we have been married for 35 years. Surely that on it’s own is worth her to have this recommendation. I have also suffered three anaphylactic attacks from insect stings. Although she worries with me out running because of this risk she never shows it and supports me 100%.

Jaqueline Perry nominated by Katie Simpson

I would like to nominate my Mummy JACQUELINE PERRY (yes I am 36 and still call her mummy).

Not only is she nearly 70, has a heart condition, curvature of the spine and sadly lost my Dad the love of her life 5 years ago she continues to be the most amazing supporter in helping me reach my 100 marathons (hope to be there by April 2020).

My mum not only looks after both my children so I can run marathons and train she cooks amazing meals after races and provides me with lots of goodies to keep me going.  On my 10 in 10 not only did she have my children she was at the finish line everyday.

Ben Bennett nominated by Shelley Bennett

 I like to nominate my long suffering husband . He has looked after the kids, when they were little. Took the dog(he doesn’t like dogs) for walks in my absence. Has got up in the early hours to drive me to events and then hang around in all weathers to drive me back. He never moans and just thinks about me. He even bought me a super dry coat as I get cold after a marathon!!
His name is Ben Bennett. He is awesome  xxx I couldn’t do this without his support! Only 24 more to go!

Dean Ebbrell nominated by Julia Ebbrell

 I'd like to nominate my husband (Dean Ebbrell) as my crucial supporter.  We have 4 rescue dogs with various emotional issues (necessitating mainly individual walks - about 5 or 6 a day) and without him on dog duty I wouldn't be able to be out touring the country to go to marathons at the weekend.  It's lovely to come home to dogs all walked - plus he cleans my trainers, runs my bath and makes me my post marathon tea and marmite on toast. He has encouraged me to undertake challenges I was hesitant about - running in Greenland and doing a 100k. He even joined me on the night runs when I did a running every hour for 24 hours challenge. He's not a runner himself at all but he understands what I get from my running.  I missed my marathons and running friends so much during lockdown and he was very tolerant of my grumbling. 

Mick Revill nominated by Julia Revill

 I would like to nominate my husband, Mick Revill, as a great supporter of myself as I run around our lovely countryside.

My first marathon was London in 2001, since then I have done 243 more, including 2 in February this year – then came March 2020! He has driven me to every race, quite often met me on foot, bicycle or in the vehicle and best of all I have a photograph of every run. 

I have a superb photo album with a picture from each with the date and comments, good and bad!  I have looked through it several times since March, will I get to 245?

He does get a special bottle of malt whisky several times a year.

Sandra Wade nominated by Gary Wade

 I would like to nominate Sandra Wade. She supports SeeYorkRunYork a small running group in the North, she has been a regular on the marathon supporters circuit for the last 40 years.

Robina Phillips nominated by David Phillips

As one of the founders of the 100 club way, way back, and the 24th person to do the 100 fulls, and in the early days on the 100 Club committee, I’d like to put my wife Robina forward for her patience.

From 1982 with the Coventry marathon (my 1st) to 2019 at Stratford-upon Avon for my 500th she has supported me.

Plus 362 halves and always around 55 races p.a.

As a result of running London most years I’ve raised £140k for the Brain and Spine Foundation Charity and was awarded an MBE in Jan 2020 and it is still to be collected when HM Queen Liz opens up Buck Palace again!!

So Robina;s patience and support has been great and hopefully it will continue ‘till I stop running (that’ll be when I’m in heaven!).


Elma McAvoy nominated by Philip McAvoy &

I would like to nominate my wife Elma McAvoy for recognition of the support she had given me since I started running. Many early morning starts, often with long distances to travel and often in rain, hail and even snow. She has been at 282 of my 320 marathons to date and can be found taking photos, helping out or marshalling at many events. She supports not only myself but every other runner at the event. Here’s to many more events with her fantastic support.

Elma McAvoy 2nd nomination by Mark Walker

Elma McAvoy at EAMS. She is an absolute diamond!


Jon & Sarah Aston nominated by Dawn Hunt

I would like to nominate Jon and Sarah Aston for being amazing helpers and inspirational ambassadors for the running community 


Marisa Povinelli & Oliver Pratten nominated by Gareth Davies

Marisa Povinelli - wife of Ray Povinelli who is race director at all the Richmond Park events , Marisa is Ray’s long suffering wife who has helped support Ray make events work really well for over 10 years from start to finish. She also has  amassed a huge team of loyal supporters from her lovely Italian family and friends to help get these races staged and managed from start to finish - from the HQ tent to the marshals sandwiches and all round race knowledge and support to make the whole race operation seamless. Without Marisa’s support Ray’s job as race Director would be a lot harder - so thank you for all your wonderful friendship and support for what you have done since 2011.

Oliver Pratten is a familiar sight at all the 1m2go events and has supported the races at pretty much every event to ensure the logistics and race management details are in place - what is great about Ollie is he has a wealth of race experience and has worked with the London Marathon organisation for many years and know’s  what it takes to make things tick.

Sean Smith nominated by Brenda O’Keefe

I would love to nominate my partner Sean Smith When I arrived in the uk back in 2016 I had just completed my 200 marathon in November 2015.I don’t drive so getting around to races in the UK was harder but with the support of Sean he has got me to my 451 th  marathon this yr. He gives up his own weekends to drive me anywhere, Dorset, Milton Keynes, Thames path 50 plus times . I revived my 50 counties badge this year only for him driving me and getting up early. He waits in fields and wine farms  in Dorest for 6/7 hrs so I can complete my marathon Crewed for me during 24hr event, making tea, making food and wiping away my tears. When he can he always has a hot meal ready  for me.Only for him I would not be able to do what I do and the dream of 500th is possible Sean Smith I love you 

Bryan Darney nominated by Ben Lupton

I would like to nominate Bryan who does the vetting for everyone in the club. He works away really fast and should be recognised for his time. Without him the club couldn't grow.


Jenny Lupton nominated by Michelle Wise & Apryl Hammett

Michelle's nomination - I would like to nominate Jenny Lupton. Even though I think I am older than Jenny I still feel like she is my mum. She gives me such love and support that she has helped me through many a bad event. I cannot wait until Jenny hugs are back again.

Apryl's nomination –  this lady is the full package. Come rain or shine, this lady is the smiliest, happiest, funny supporter out there. She know what every runner wants and always knows the right thing to say. I wish Jenny's fabulousness could be bottled and when you are having a bad day you could open the bottle and get a Jenny Hug 

Karen Grieves nominated by Apryl Hammett & Paul Commons

If you need quiet encouragement then look no further than Karen Grieves. Long time partner of he fabulous Paul Commons, this lady is there for squash pouring, cake slicing, making you laugh and obviously kicking your butt when you need it 

Paul - I wanted to nominate my better half for a supporters pin. I have currently ran 300 plus marathons and over 100 ultras and Karen has been with me every step of the way. I know that without her support and butt kicking I definitely would not be able to do what I do
She is an incredible person not only looking after me but also volunteers at many events and has encouraged runners for many years.
She is one in a million xxx

Karen Webber nominated by Apryl Hammett

Karen Webber If you need encouragement then Karen has her own particular brand of encouragement  Whether it is informing you that you have two laps to go or shut up and get on with it, this fabulous individual should be recognised as the fab supporter she is. 

Trisha Randall nominated by Karl Randall

I would like to nominate my long suffering wife Trisha Randall as she has supported me week after week, year after year coming along to most of my 400+ marathons all over the country and parts of the world.She has supported me in all weathers and conditions and has also completed 2 marathons herself. She has given up many weekends supporting me achieving my goals and nursing me through many injuries and a couple of life saving operations. Trisha has not just supported me though, she supports all runners and participants. Trisha has also been spotted at all corners of the marathon course with her camera and has photographed hundreds of runners and allows all of her many thousands of photos to be taken and used by the runners. Trisha has also volunteered to help at many events, whether directing motorists to parking, guiding runners on which route to take or clipping their card at lap events you can often find her there.

Therefore please consider Trisha as a star supporter.

John Stedman & Karen Draper nominated by Jane Stedman & Martin Draper

We would like to make a joint nomination please.We think we are a bit unique in that we have run well over 600 marathons between us. We have run more than 200 of these together since 2002, and been supported by our spouses John Stedman and Karen Draper throughout our marathon journeys. They do have their own characteristics, John is famous for dry humour, navigational assistance, use of the whip and the water pistol to improve speed, and for drinking Guinness. Karen is famous for knitting 100MC ‘mini me’ dolls and has raised over £4K for charity through this, she is particularly good at supporting me (Martin) as I run with Type 1 diabetes.Its when they operate in tandem that they are at their peak of performance. A long time ago, they were christened ‘the Black Café Crew’ (or simply TBC) as they used to provide support from a Black Volvo estate car. They have provided official support at many events, but normally provide pop-up support along the route. They have turned out across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland and are appreciated by mana a race director Rik Vercoe(Phoenix), Andy Palmer (WSR), Dave Urwin (Albion), Karen (Its Grim up North) , Davey Green (First & Last), Ben (Votwo) and many many others.

Donna Richards nominated by Peter Mizzi
I would like to put forward Donna Richards for one of the supports pin. Donna will be seen at countless races marshalling with her fantastic smile and hugs offering non-stop encouragement. When she is at races she is exactly the same and will stay once she has finished to support the people behind her. Donna has a very big heart and is someone you would want in your corner when things do not go to plan, I know this from my own experience when I collapsed and was in a very bad way in the Lanzarote marathon as soon as Donna realised she was at my hospital bedside and talking to the Drs a mutual language French, she stayed until “closing time” and came back to collect we when I was discharged. In a very scary time for me having Donna there helped more than words can ever describe, she is a very special lady who makes the world a brighter place.

Helen Marshall nominated by Rob Marshall
I would like to nominate my wife Helen.. she doesn't run but supports all the runner at SRC in Barrow and also Enigma. She is getting involved alot and helping out as much as she can. Spending a lot of time in the marathon world and not with family.

Rachel Armstrong nominated by Paul Sutherland
I would like to nominate Rachel Armstrong. Rachel started helping me supporting the marathon attempt and got a place in the London Marathon her “only" marathon. Despite hating running beyond park run distance , “accidentally" ran 100 marathons herself whilst supporting me!!! Not only that but complete 20 ultras including a very tough LDWA 100 miler. Its fair to say her Achilles gave in 1 year ago finishing a park run at Dolls Point and has had to stop running completely - not even park run could continue.

Last Saturday night she spent trying to sleep in the back of an MG3 as I ran a midnight marathon ,
now thats support!! Right now she is busy getting things ready as we drive 5 hours across NSW at 5am tomorrow morning and this is for me to run a Gloucester,NSW another marathon this weekend .
She absolutely hates a fuss and hates me mentioning anything on social media.etc has never had
her results verified in the UK,etc. However the Australian 100 marathon club did a check and put her records on line (she had no idea), 100 marathons and 20 ultras from a supporter!!!
So for a decade she has supported me (and others) in the Uk , Europe and Australia .

Clare Ollif nominated by Daniel Kershaw
I would like to nominate my long suffering running widow Clare Ollif for as a 100 marathon club supporter. She has stood by me over for the past 5 years whilst I have ran 140+ marathons and ultras. I wouldn’t be a member of the club without her support.

Yuk-Lam nominated by Malc Collins
My wife Yuk-Lam Collins for supporting me for over 20 years while I have accumulated a total of 346 marathons which include 7 brathay 10in10's where she has spent plenty of time at Brathay Hall in the Lake District while I complete these long events. She has followed me around Britain and the globe keeping me company while I have worked on adding to my marathon count and we have had some fabulous trips together. She has also been a wonderful supporter and helper for the last 10 years while I have been holding my own events, the Gin Pit double marathon and Lions Bridge marathon. She has spent whole weekends helping me out in sunshine and rain, raising thousands of pounds for charity.
Without Yuk-Lam I wouldn't have achieved what I have, so thank you.