Social Media Policy

100 Marathon Club – Social Media Policy (DRAFT)

In accordance with EA guidance for social media [1] The 100 Marathon Club Committee have deemed it appropriate to introduce a policy for the use of social media.

The 100 Marathon Club (Associate/Full & Aspiring) Facebook Groups are active areas where members and aspiring members can gain information about ongoing activities in the running community.  They are solely for the use of current club members and join requests will be cross checked to the membership database.

As well as being a channel for the committee to promote issues of club importance, it is also a place for members to discuss many things related to running and running club matters including:

·         for 100MC members only (if we can't easily identify you as a club member when you request to join the group, you may be asked for more information we accept your request to join the group)

·         to be used for running and club related subjects e.g. discussing training tips, races, equipment, arranging transport to events and races, organising socials and parties etc

·         an informal forum.

·         to be used in a respectful manner i.e. no inappropriate language or content, and be respectful of other members

·         for sharing 100MC photos, running related information and articles you think may be of interest to your club mates

·         to be used sensibly i.e. don't post anything you might regret later, or that is likely to offend others

·         NOT the place to swap race entries/numbers without first gaining approval to do so from the race organiser. If you do have permission, please say so when you post to the group

·         NOT to be used for advertising services for commercial gain without the prior approval of the committee

·         NOT a substitute for eBay or Gumtree i.e. no advertising of anything not running related (such as flats with spare rooms) selling or giving away anything not connected with running or selling or advertising 3rd party products or services (if you feel that a product or service would be of interest to our members, ask the seller if they would like to become a club sponsor)

·         NOT for sharing your non-running holiday photos

·         NOT for expressing political, religious or other potentially divisive opinion or for for being critical, confrontational or abusive toward other club members

·         NOT for engaging in cyber bullying or trolling of individuals/organisations

·         NOT for raising issues for the attention of the committee (who don't check every post/thread). These should be addressed to or via the Contact Form.

Any content that is not running or club related should be shared via member’s personal Facebook page rather than the group. 

As a general rule, before posting think if your post or comment adds to the 100 Marathon Club community and consider what a new member would think when reading your comment (perhaps without knowing the background) or whether current members would be happy with publishing images, race times or comments in public.

Please do not post content deemed to be inappropriate, in poor taste, or otherwise contrary to the purposes of the club forum. If you are going to comment please be polite, friendly and fair.  Finally, do remember that sarcasm and humour is often not conveyed very well on a forum of this sort and can easily appear rude or offensive

The committee have invited members to apply for the post of Social Media Manager (Committee Member) to promote the club activities and achievements of the 100 Marathon Club. Details of who this person is and how to direct content to them can be found on the club website.

The Social Media Manager will maintain standard of good conduct and may on occasion delete or amend inappropriate posts so that they comply with this policy.  Members may from time to time be asked to consider editing their own posts if they could be misinterpreted but fall short of the moderation threshold. 

The 100 Marathon Club is intended to be an informal environment however from time to time it may be necessary to issue members with warning or sanction, as set out within the club Disciplinary and Welfare Policy[2]

Such warning will initially be a polite reminder of this policy, followed by if necessary a written notice.  Should there be persistent infractions of the social media policy then the committee reserve the right to temporarily suspend members for a period of up to 48 hours to reflect.  In exceptional circumstances the committee may permanently exclude a member from the Facebook group. 

If it is deemed necessary to issue a warning, suspension or exclusion then members will be provided with full reasons for this decision and will of course have the right of appeal to the committee or their nominated deputy.

If a member has any concern about social media content then they should in the first instance report the post.  This will trigger an automatic request for the Social Media Manager to review the matter.  The Social Media Manager will form a decision on whether or not the post breaches standards and will remove posts where appropriate. 

If a post is reported then the Social Media Manager will endeavour to notify the poster and reporter in a timely manner.

We would also remind members that they are ambassadors of the club and that they should apply the above principles to their own personal posts.

Should any member have concerns that relate to welfare then they should be directed to NAME OF WELFARE OFFICER (insert email address) who has been co-opted as the club Welfare Officer.

All communications to the Welfare Officer will be dealt with utmost confidentiality.

The Committee

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