Acting Chair Update 11th October 2020


I’d like to thank the committee in their vote of confidence in me to take on the role of Acting Chair

On behalf of the committee we would like to thank Davey Green for his hard work and commitment to the 100MC in his time as chair.

In light of recent events the current committee will be holding several meetings, and will keep the members updated

Our first meeting took place on the 08th October and on behalf of the committee we wish to make the following statement regarding the recent allegations that have developed at this time.

I ( Jo Yarnall ) contacted the ICO ( Information Commissioners Office) on behalf of the 100MC and they felt no breach of personal data had taken place. Jon Aston our Treasurer reviewed committee emails and Whatsapp messages and with a good working knowledge of Survey Monkey also does not believe a data breach has occurred. He is also satisfied that the committee had given approval to construct and conduct the survey. However, the committee were not entirely in agreement over exactly what questions should be asked and the timing over publishing the survey

The committee is satisfied that the Survey has complied with the club’s data protection policy and are happy to endorse its continued use. We welcome the views of the 100MC members and feel that it is good to engage with them and value their thoughts about the club. We are confident that we have not breached data protection legislation but if a member is concerned they should make their own complaints to the Information Commissioners Office

Members are reminded that this is a non binding consultation exercise being held to gauge how members feel about a number of current issues. Following the closure of the survey the committee will review the answers and expect further discussion and consultation with members to take place

We ask that all members consider how they comment and conduct themselves regarding what has happened and to be mindful that the club committee are volunteers and people. We will continue to do our best to serve and support our members during difficult times

The committee would like to thank our members for their understanding and support during this time.

Finally from me as your Acting Chair as a member of the 100MC I still feel the same passion about the club as I did when I first saw that blue and yellow shirt 8 years ago and have made many wonderful friends through the club and I hope that we can move forward and people can see what a great club this is to be part of.  I hope to see you at a marathon somewhere and happy running.

Jo Yarnall ( Acting Chair )