Frequently Asked Questions

This page last updated – 26th June 2016

Common Questions

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions page.
We will attempt to answer any of your burning questions here.
If you have any more, please contact us.

General Information

Firstly check that your event will meet the criteria of the 100 Marathon Club as counting for our purposes and if you are satisfied that it does then contact us with the following details –
1) Event Name,
2) Event Date,
3) URL of information page
4) URL of entry page (if different)

Different Marathon Types

A road marathon will be run predominately on a road/pavement/concrete type surface and been accurately measured to 26 miles, 385 yards or 42195m. A trail marathon is one run predominately on non road surfaces, or hasn’t been accurately measured. The key feature for an event to be considered a road marathon is a course measurement certificate stating the course has been accurately measured to 26m385y.


100 Marathon Club Challenge Competition

All road marathons in the UK & Ireland in a calendar year.

Short Courses / Non Qualifying Events

In the days of personal GPS devices reasonably accurate measurements can be made by individuals. Where a course is found to be short then an individual runner may for his own sense of satisfaction complete the extra distance “off route” to make up any short fall. This however is not mandatory and for the first year that an event is found to be short it will count for 100 Marathon Club purposes.

Where a course is found to be short then the 100 Marathon Club will mention this to the race organizers who we hope will take steps to ensure subsequent years events meet the required distances. If these actions aren’t taken then in future years the event won’t be listed on our race lists and the event won’t be counted.

Relay Races

No, for a marathon or ultra to count you must be registered to run in a full event as an individual, not as part of a relay team no matter the distance covered.

Challenge Events

A Challenge Event is timed running event. They have a specified time limit rather than a specified distance to be covered. They must have a minimum time limit of 6 hours to be considered as a counting event for 100 Marathon Club purposes. There is no maximum time limit.

Virtual Races

No. For an event to count it must be a real actual event and meet all the criteria of the Club. Virtual races fail these criteria

Stage Races

If the event contains one or more stages of over 26 miles then each may be counted as a separate marathon (or ultra if over 27 miles) if firstly, results are published for each individual stage and secondly each separate stage can be entered as an individual event.