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    See our list of qualifying events here, do you have 100 marathons under your belt? Upon reaching 50 vetted Marathons runners can apply to join as an Associate Member (commonly known as a Wannabe) – this gives a person all member rights except the right to wear Club colours. Especially the famous blue and yellow running shirt and associated branded accessories that is the sole province of members who’ve reached at least 100 marathons. Celebrations are usually reserved for the 100th marathon (and multiples thereof). Full Membership can only be achieved by those completing 100 or more vetted marathons and gives a member the right to wear the Club colours. For more information click here.

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100's in 2006 (8) ** Joined post or at 100 marathons
Ian Brisland26-Nov-06Benidorm
Brian Smith30-Oct-06Dublin
Pam Storey30-Oct-06Dublin
Colin Cookson29-Oct-06Snowdonia
Linda Major08-Oct-06Munich
Dave King23-Jul-06Fairlands Valley Challenge
Paul Allsop14-May-06Halstead
Osy Waye08-Apr-06North Pole