Election of Club Chairperson

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This page is being published to give access to information in relation to the current election to the position of Chairperson.


The link below is to a report giving detail of the interim results which are subject to independent verification. A final results paper will be published once verification is complete. In the meantime congratulations to all five candidates and especially the winner.

The voting will be open from Midnight 12th July 2019 until Midnight on 28th July 2019. There are five candidates who have nominated themselves for election. They are listed below together with their 250 statements. Please read these and consider who you want to vote for before going to the Survey Monkey voting page.

Below is a link to the message concerning the election process sent to members at 20:00 on 12/07/2019

Below is a link to the interim Complaints and Disciplinary Policy that will be in place throughout the election process.

Your Candidates

Davey Green

The 100MC needs a rejuvenated approach towards taking us forwards by listening to the concerns of the Membership.

Why make enemies when you can make friends!?

My goal – a Club that people WANT to be in and STAY in; a Membership that respects all our differences and all our similarities spearheaded by a Committee that we can all be proud of. There are too many inspirational people out there reaching their incredible milestones then not retaining their ongoing Membership.

The Membership will be best served by a Chairperson that instigates full clarity of our Constitution and openly operates in accordance to GDPR and acknowledges the proposals from AGMs and publishes their findings accordingly.

I authored the current policy; Roles & Responsibilities of the Welfare Officer. As Chairman, I can instruct its totally transparent implementation; as the Electorate mandated in 2017. 

I will address the issues regarding the absent Social Media Policy and enforce its content; as mandated in 2017.

I propose to increase Membership, and public approval, by incorporating the 100 Half Marathon Club under our wing and increase our retail income by improving recognition of those still “on the journey” and on “journeys beyond”. This market has barely been tapped into and we simply cannot miss out on future opportunities to provide new merchandise and sportswear that our Members regularly demand. These funds could be utilised for future Membership discounts.

We simply cannot be static and assume all is well, there is much work to be done.

Nick Nicholson

Members are advised that they are only voting for Nick as Chairman

I asked 8 active, respected, and ideal individuals to consider being Chairman; they all declined referring to the position as a thankless, poisoned chalice.

I wish to bring with me a ‘two heads are better than one’ Chairman campaign, involving myself and Andrew Coveney. I am prepared to take on the politics and unsavoury criticism with Andrew as an action man in the background to compile and manage information for me to act on. We are frequent, approachable runners attending events with many club members located in the North and Southeast of England.

The club has stagnated through:

– Good ideas not being acted on

– Bad decisions being forced upon the club

– Things promised and simply not carried out

– No explanation of why or when something might be done

– Policy documents being revised or created but never implemented

– Frustration from countless e-mails being ignored

I wish to rekindle the social attitude and build on the spirit of camaraderie that should exist between Full Members and Aspiring Members. Wearing ‘the shirt’ should always be as special as the day it is presented. My goal is revitalise the appeal of UK100MC, so Full Members return to wearing ‘the shirt’ with pride and Aspiring Members feel that they are entering into an association of something great instead of simply getting a shirt and leaving the club after their epic achievement.

If elected, my Chairmanship will champion friendship, empathy, equality, and celebrate participating in the sport we all love.

Jo Yarnall

I am chair of my own running club having held that position for 2 years and was vicechair before that I am due to stand down from the role in Sept when the current vicechair takes over

I currently Chair of my daughter’s charity who many of you have met in the course of my running journey. I also chair a parent carer forum for my local council. I feel I have plenty of experience at chairing which I’d bring to the 100Marathon Club

I am passionate about the 100MC as it was what I strived for on my running journey and gave me a goal and a focus when I first started running (having met someone from the club at my 3rd marathon who the uttered the infamous words “only another 97 to go!”

I have met many wonderful friends along the way, friends who I consider will be lifetime friends and have enjoyed running many marathons with them (we won’t mention the drinking marathons!! )

As for myself. I’m a back of the pack runner and as such believe that the 100MC is for runners of all abilities. I want to make sure we belong to an inclusive club.  I wear my 100MC shirt with pride knowing that the journey there was with blood sweat and tears (and the odd DNF along the way). I would welcome the opportunity to be able to congratulate others who have also achieved that journey and encourage and support others along the way.

David Davidson

Why vote for me?

I will change the regime and make a positive difference to our club. Transparency will be given to all decisions and we will abide by England Athletics rules and standards and keep to the rules and laws that apply to everyone, including Guinness World Records and GDPR.

Transparency and fairness was missing under the previous regime and this one too. At the time of writing this was being brought to the attention of outside agencies. By October there will already have been positive changes imposed on the club before the changeover.

The “politics” in the background will be dealt with as it can only thrive in an environment of secrecy and tacit cooperation that will be removed by me.

The bullying in the past and present will be addressed and dealt with appropriately. It has been ignored and swept under the carpet in the most grotesque way. The club doesn’t even have a bullying policy at the moment.  

Our club will be a place where you can join for completing 100 marathons/ultras and your speed or circle of friends will have no bearing on this.

Only members will be able to influence change, not people who have the ear of committee members or who shout loudest on social media.

In short, this club will return to being what it was originally, a place members will feel happy running for and belonging to and a place that previous long term members would wish to return to.

David Lewis

A statement was submitted but after the deadline, it has therefore been decided it would be unfair to the other candidates to publish it here. Members who wish to see David’s statement are advised to make direct contact with him.