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The 100 marathon club now has many members from all corners of the UK and among them are a few race organisers who are always looking for support – even though you might not see this advertised every week.

There are also a considerable number of members who help their fellow 100MC members/race organisers and by doing this make events run smoothly ever year – you know who you are!
What the new 2017 committee thought would be a nice touch for all members, is for club members to adopt a race or two every year where they can help out – feel part of the event and also have fun ensuring all the runners get round and complete the distances – trust us it can be rewarding.

So – we would like to invite you to email into us at the club if you are free to volunteer and support in 2017 – lets us know dates and locations you can do and the club will try to fix you up with an event or two! In many instances, by offering your support for an event – the race director will normally offer you a free race entry the following year, so there normally is a tangible reward at the end of the rainbow!

In addition – we would like to call on any Race Directors who may be looking for a volunteer or 3 to help them out – and this area is the perfect place for you to all check up on if you can spare some support time. In everything in life – you only get back what you have put in before – so trust us you will be rewarded for helping at your local events – don’t think about it – do it, and let’s show what a great club the 100MC is where members help each other making more events friendly and well organised.

Race Directors and Volunteers can email and he will try to volunteers paired up with local marathons where it suits them best.