How do I get my event listed on the 100 Marathon Club web site?

Firstly check that your event will meet the criteria of the 100 Marathon Club as counting for our purposes and if you are satisfied that it does then contact us with the following details –
1) Event Name,
2) Event Date,
3) URL of information page
4) URL of entry page (if different)

Does a race require any kind of permit or insurance to be included on the 100 Marathon Club lists?

Yes. We require that an event has either a permit which includes public liability insurance from an athletics affiliated organization (England Athletics, Trail Runners Association, LDWA or similar) or a separate public liability insurance policy. Many organizations have similar rules, for example, to be listed in the “Strider” magazine you need to have a permit from the LDWA.

Do you have any information about organizing races?

No. But the Trail Runners Association have a very informative booklet to download at http://www.tra-uk.org/ and RunBritian have a Road Race Handbook at http://www.runbritain.com/static/pdfs/rdp/rrh_dec10.pdf