17th March Announcement

Covid 19 - IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - 17 March 2020

The 100 Marathon Club is here to support and encourage people on their journey towards an exceptional achievement. But we are also a responsible Club that needs to take account of the Health & Safety of all of our Members and the wider Community.

The situation with Covid 19 is evolving rapidly. The advice from the Prime Minister in yesterday's global news broadcast to avoid social gatherings and all unnecessary travel, alongside England Athletics recent statement, is a game changer for sport in the UK for the forseeable future.

Marathon running is a fantastic healthy hobby but competetive races are not essential in these times. The Club Committee is being asked to give approval to certain races with the comments "........ otherwise, in this climate, I won't enter if it doesn't count towards my 100 ..........."

Your Club Committee have carefully considered all options and, whilst we are not closing down any events or telling our Members what they can or cannot do, we cannot give the Club's endorsement or recognition to events that proceed in the face of such clear official guidelines from the Government.

With effect from midnight tonight, March 17th 2020, the 100 Marathon Club will not be recognising any races run worldwide towards 100 Marathon Club accumulations and totals. We will keep this situation under review and we will be lifting this restriction as soon as it is safe to do so. The Club Committee have decided that these exceptional circumstances require the imposition of Rule 13.12 in our Constitution.

Your Committee are in contact with each other on a daily basis and we will endeavour to keep you all updated as the Covid 19 situation progresses.

Please be safe, be responsible and look after your friends, family and neighbours at this difficult time.

As your Chairman, may I ask that you recognise that this was a long sleepless night for us all but the mantra running throughout the Club was simply; "do the right thing." 

Davey Green, 100 Marathon Club Chairman.