Chairman’s Update #6 – Member Totals August 2017

Gareth Davies Chairman's Update, News

Chairman’s Update #6

Member’s Totals

It is fair to say that I have not done a brilliant job with getting the member totals organised on our website.
I fully recognise how important this is to a number of our members and action has now been taken to resolve the issue.

Our target is to get the member totals as up to date as the lists we have received by the end of September latest. I am working closely with Roger Biggs to ensure that this date is hit.

Future Changes

We are looking at the feasibility of members updating their own race details and this feeding through to the totals page.
My view is that this has to be the way forward.
We have a potentially exciting proposal on the table from a supplier. However we do have to proceed with care to ensure we do not spend club funds on something that does not work.