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Chairman’s Update #5 – April 2017

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Chairman’s Update #5

Dear member I hope this update finds you well.
Our members continue to achieve incredible running feats at all levels and our brilliant club is growing from strength to strength. The many special Facebook posts demonstrate the strength of our ‘100 Marathon Club’.
All of this is increasing the demands on our club committee.

Committee Update

We have a brilliant committee in place who are working very hard to serve the needs of our members. Since the new committee was formed at the end of February the team have:

  • Launched a new website (very positive feedback)
  • Put in a huge amount of effort into getting the membership details sorted out and managing the subs renewal process
  • Issued a survey questionnaire (200 responses received within less than 24 hours)
  • Regularly updated Facebook pages recognising achievement
  • Held full face to face committee meeting and issued minutes within 24 hours
  • Put in huge amount of effort getting members lists up to date
  • Managed an increasing demand for club kit
  • Set up a process from receipt of lists to kit being dispatched and membership records updated
  • Attempted to respond within 24hrs to the many emails that are received every day
  • Recognised the ‘quest for the vest’ shirts
  • Introduced a culture openness and desire to support members in any way we can
  • We are looking to quickly appoint one or more welfare officers who will be independent of the committee. A job description is being drawn up
  • We still have work to do to get our website updated in a timely manner… we had to move our website at short notice and have gone through a transitional period. We now have action plans in place to improve the service


On the not so positive side despite the efforts we are making and complex issues that need addressing and a clear statement on what we are trying to do. There are individuals (very small minority) who are continuing to use social media and other means to dismiss the good things that are happening and making personal challenges against me as chairman. This brings me onto the subject of bullying. I now understand what it ls like to be bullied systematically and it is not nice and I can see/feel the stress and serious mental harm it can cause. Bullying of any sort will not be tolerated and going forward will be dealt with in a proper way. Any formal allegations of bullying past or present will be taken very seriously and acted on quickly.
If the club decides it is appropriate for them to deal with the situation it will follow the procedure outlined below.

  1. Reconciliation, if possible, by getting the parties together. It may be a genuine apology solves the problem.
  2. If this fails or is not appropriate, a small panel (made up from chairman, Welfare Officer, Secretary, committee members) will meet with the individual alleging bullying, to get details of the allegation. Minutes will be taken for clarity.
  3. The same persons will meet with the alleged bully or bullies and put the incident raised to them to answer and give their view of the allegation. Minutes will again be taken.
  4. If bullying has in the club view taken place the individual(s) will be warned and put on notice of further action i.e. temporary or permanent suspension. Consideration will be given as to whether a reconciliation meeting between parties is appropriate at this time.

This process is being adopted by the committee but can/will be incorporated into the rules if felt necessary.
If you have issues with this note could you email me personally rather than going into Facebook.

Happier Note

To finish my update, the above must be put into a context. Our club is strong and continues to grow with individuals achieving their personal quests and being proud to wear the vest. I have been and always will be proud to wear my 100 Marathon Club vest. The club is bigger and always will be than any individual(s).

Continued best wishes to all our members.

David Lewis
Chairman 100 Marathon Club