Chairman AGM Report Feb 2018 – Feb 2019

Aaron Bird Chairman's Update, News

The last committee period has flown by. We welcomed over 80 new full members to our great club and the club has continued to grow. The achievements of everyone of our  members has been equally brilliant. It would not be right to single any one individual out.

We now have over 800 members.  Our current practice of holding individual member (and soon out of date) spreadsheets makes it very difficult to produce accurate and general statistics

We are also a virtual club in that our committee and members are spread across the country.  We have managed to hold three face to face committee meetings in the last period. Change and decision making takes time however this is not a bad thing

Our events  calendar details over 600 marathon and Ultra events demonstrating the great work of race directors who continue to innovate and provide runners with an environment  to achieve individual and personal goals and to wear shirts and vests to celebrate many different milestones. And to complete the magical quest to 100 Marathons

Social media  when used properly is brilliant. When not used properly unfortunately it can and has been very destructive. Sadly a small minority of members consistently miss use Facebook which really does ask a question of its real value.  As a communications media it is becoming less effective as members switch off from using it. Our values are to respect and support all runners, every member is an ambassador for the club.  Before making posts on Facebook members must consider the impact it will/could have on recipients and the stress it can cause. Facebook is not the forum for raising club issues these have to be directed via our website contact page.

This leads  onto our website. We are in the process of moving to a new hosting provider.   The hosting company website  The company has considerable experience in the sports club arena. This has introduced the opportunity to upgrade our website and incorporate a membership system within the site. We are working on being in a position to manage the 2019 renewals through our upgraded site. The costs to the club will be no greater than those currently incurred

Features of our new site:

  • Members able to register and pay their membership (very secure application)
  • Members will have their own login and account to record their race records and plan their events in the future – and to make the statistics visible or invisible subject to the members request. This will eliminate the need to hold spreadsheets
  • Over time all member events completed will be held in a central database consistently and we will have a access to hugely improved statistics
  • Improved race event calendar information – and regular updates
  • Committee website updates improvements – made weekly / monthly to provide news and views and updated photos.  The current site is very difficult to update
  • A kit and product shop on the website – to allow members to buy online. This site should also be perfect for the kit manager to be able to monitor stock (produce reports) – order new items and be able to process orders for the 100MC members once payments have been confirmed / received .
  • The site will also be furnished with the latest clubs rules and regulations and provide members with direction on regular Q&A items
  • Enhanced photo albums to document a variety of member pictures across the year – committee members should have the ability to add/update these 
  • Useful links page – links to tour agents , sport bodies , manufacturers , airlines – anything that could be useful to pass onto to other members planning future events.

I am keen that we piece together the history of our great club.  With the club growing so quickly it is important that the heritage old and new of our club is recorded and made available to our members. Bill Howes has volunteered to have a go at being our historian and pulling as much detail as possible together. In this context and with the rapid growth of our club the range of member views and expectations on how the club should be run continues to increase which brings into question ‘what is the 100 Marathon Club all about’ and what do our members want the future of the 100 Marathon Club to be.  Time will be allocated at our AGM for an open discussion on this subject. We will also seek the views the full membership.

I would like to thank the committee and other supporting members for the tireless work they have put in to support all our members. A huge amount of work goes into managing our kit, membership, accounts, events list, social media, and vetting and answering the many diverse emails received. Just as an example Maryanne our kit manager works tirelessly pretty much in the background for the club and members. She make numerous journeys to the post office to ensure members get kit as quickly as possible. She has also become very good at identifying new items of kit for the club and sourcing suppliers and ensuring we get both good quality and value. A huge amount of work goes into what can be a pretty thankless role.  And this is the same for the other committee tasks.

We actually have a well oiled machine in operation. The one area we have not been able to manage as well as we would have liked has been our website. Upgrading the site, improving the communication focus, and members managing their own account and events recording is going to be a key theme for the next committee period. 

My three year tenure as Chairman comes to an end in October and members have been invited to apply for for the position of Chairman. It has been and continues to be an honour to serve our members and my focus has been on bringing stability to the club and remaining neutral at all times when dealing with the many enquiries, views and challenges of members.  The re-election will be  determined by member vote. Elections will be completed several months in advance of October to allow for a handover period to be completed. I am looking forward to working with our next Chairperson who will bring new ideas and energy to taking our fantastic club forward

Best wishes to all our members

David LewisChairman 100 Marathon Club