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New 100’s and Social Media Update

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People reaching the Magic 100 Marathons in April

Congratulations to the following people who are due to hit 100 during April:

  • Enda Cleary at Ranscombe on the 8th
  • Max Marshall at Enigma on the 14th
  • Ian Odgers at GBC on the 15th
  • Peter Finn at THE marathon in London on the 23rd.

Facebook Group of the UK 100 Marathon Club

Our Facebook group of the UK 100 Marathon Club is open to all those committed to the journey to run 100 Marathon or more and join our great club. There is also a Facebook page for those who have achieved 50+ marathons and have joined the club as either associate (50+) or full members (100+)

This group is about supporting people as they run MARATHONS and ULTRAs so all posts should be about running. Most members have run from a handful of marathons to 100+ and full members of the club are here to support and encourage and offer advice on your incredible journey. The forum is actively monitored with moderators Hazel Kurz & Kaz Hurrell and me!

This is a forum for support and encouragement – therefore it’s not appropriate to promote events, sell gear, or promote other groups and clubs. Any such posts or any that the moderators consider not in keeping with the above ethos will be removed. As an affiliated running club we do not support the unauthorised swapping of race numbers/places unless approved by the race organisers.

The 100 Marathon Club has a great website that contains almost all the information you need to know about the club. Please have a look at the website and also some of the previous discussions.

We look forward to running with you and sharing in your incredible journey to join what is probably the best marathon club in the world!


Keith Luxon
Social Media Manager