100 Marathon Club Update – July 2018

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100 Marathon Club Update - July 2018

The club is still growing in membership size and we are always delighted to welcome new members to our club, plus we try to encourage existing members to take on further running challenges once they have reached the coveted 100th club medal and vest.

We are also a virtual club in that our committee and members are spread across the country.  We have managed to hold three face to face committee meetings in the last period. Our next committee meeting will be arranged for September/October in a location to suit the locations of the committee members who are situated all around England.

We would like to thank all the race organisers who put on various running and challenge events for us to participate our fitness hobby and to reach our goals and levels of fitness and wellbeing - all events that count as a completed marathon are those reported on the 100MC events tab on the website.

The new website is due to be launched soon, which will enhance the members experience and bring together people in our club by helping people see who is attending specific events - make their race profile and experience and plans visible or invisible. It is the virtual nature of this club that makes it different than other well established running clubs - but given the membership size we hope to bring members closer by allowing them to use the website to track and monitor their challenges throughout the years and record their experiences and statistics should they so wish.

Here are some of the features of our new website and portal :

  • Members able to register and pay their membership (very secure application)
  • Members will have their own login and account to record their race records and plan their events in the future – and to make the statistics visible or invisible subject to the members request. This will eliminate the need to hold spreadsheets
  • Over time all member events completed will be held in a central database consistently and we will have a access to hugely improved statistics
  • Improved race event calendar information – and regular updates
  • Committee website updates improvements – made weekly / monthly to provide news and views and updated photos.  
  • A kit and product shop on the website – to allow members to buy online. This site should also be perfect for the kit manager to be able to monitor stock (produce reports) – order new items and be able to process orders for the 100MC members once payments have been confirmed / received .
  • The site will also be furnished with the latest clubs rules and regulations and provide members with direction on regular Q&A items
  • Enhanced photo albums to document a variety of member pictures across the year – committee members should have the ability to add/update these 
  • Useful links page – links to tour agents , sport bodies , manufacturers , airlines – anything that could be useful to pass onto to other members planning future events either in the UK or abroad.

We are still looking at documenting the 100 marathon clubs history.  With the club growing so quickly it is important that the heritage old and new of our club is recorded and made available to our members. Bill Howes has already volunteered to have a go at being our historian and pulling as much detail as possible together. As soon as the article is created we will share this across on our website.

The committee would like to thank the members for their patience on getting a new site and information launched - we would like to thank Aaron and his team at Eventrac for helping the club improve its website and profile to move forward.

There will be club elections soon and a new survey monkey will be sent out to all paid up members to vote for the available committee roles who have already put their names forward. Once results are announced we will publish these.

The 100 Marathon Committee