Joining the 100 Marathon Club

The 100 Marathon Club has two levels of membership.

Upon reaching vetted 50 Marathons runners can apply to join as an Associate Member (commonly known as a Wannabe) – this gives a person all member rights except the right to wear Club colours. Especially the famous blue and yellow running shirt, that is the sole province of members who've reached at least 100 marathons.

There is usually no celebration or significance assigned to reaching associate status, though all new members will be mentioned in the Club newsletter at whatever level of marathons they've achieved.

Full Membership can only be achieved by those completing 100 or more vetted marathons and gives a member the right to wear the Club colours.

The Membership process is as follows.

1) Run 50 or more marathons!

2) Sign up on our online membership system -

3) Complete our Marathon Count Sheet (available from this page) - if you don't have access to Microsoft Excel then please use one of the online spreadsheet services that are freely available, Google Docs for example which can then be exported as an .xlsx file and emailed to us.

4) We'll vet your marathon count sheet and if acceptable approve your membership or advise what is required to gain acceptance.

5) Send us your Marathon Count Sheet periodically (i.e. every six months or at say 75 & 90 marathons) for further vetting.

6) Choose your 100th Marathon. (see below)

7) About 8 weeks before your 100th Marathon order your kit, especially important if you want your shirt personalised.

8) Let us have your Marathon Count Sheet for final vetting with a list of the events up to and including #100.

9) Run marathon #100, have presentation, put on the famous shirt, eat cake.

10) Send in your Marathon Count Sheet complete to #100.

11) We'll do a final vetting and upgrade your membership to Full Member. If you've ordered a presentation medal then at this stage we'll organise the inscription plate for that.

There is a minimum qualifying standard for an individual to have completed at least 5 UK/Ireland Road Marathons for Associate Membership or 10 UK/Ireland Road Marathons for Full Membership. (Further information about which marathons count for Club purposes can be found in the Question and Answer section).

Please bear in mind with all correspondence that there may be delays due to holidays and marathon running trips!

The 100th Marathon

People wish to mark their 100th marathon in different ways and the onus is very much on the individual to organise whatever celebration they wish to have. Some associate members like to notify the club some months in advance as to which marathon will be their 100th in the hope that other members will wish to join them there and share their celebration, in which case this will be listed on the Club home page. Others want no fuss and don't join till after their 100th has passed in which case nothing will happen at all and they'll simply become new Full Members quietly.

If you would like the occasion of your 100th to be marked then it is up to you to let the club know. If you'd like your medal and/or shirt presented on the day then allow at least two months for this to happen. Advise the club of the marathon and what kit is required and then all efforts will be made to ensure that it is available on the day, but this is not guaranteed. The more time you allow and the more information you give then the more likely things are to happen as planned.

It's traditional that once a member announces that they'll complete their 100th marathon at any given event then another person wouldn't also declare that as their 100th marathon without consulting them in advance. Many people enjoy having a special day "just for them" - a 100th marathon is a very memorable occasion for runners and we should all respect their wishes.

It is customary (but not compulsory) for a senior member of the 100 Marathon Club to make the presentation of the shirt/medal to the new member at the end of their 100th marathon. The Chairman, or other committee members, are more than willing to do the honours should they be present, but the new member must make arrangements for this to happen, nothing happens magically!

It is also customary to provide cake(s) to share with those members who share the celebration with the new member.