UK & World Ultra List

Last updated - 2nd July 2015

2015 For a list of Irish events please check the
100 Marathon Club Ireland list and the East of Ireland Marathons.
04July15 Enigma 30m , The Crosses 53m
05Jul15 Croydon Ultra 30m
11Jul15 Ranscombe Challenge - Summer , St Cuthbert 100k, XNRG Chiltern , Ham & Lyme 50k/100k
12Jul15 Ranscombe Challenge - Summer
18Jul15 Saffron Way 70m , Ultra 12hr/50k , Wenlock Olympian 50m , Run the Blades 50k
24Jul15 Lakeland 50/100
25Jul15 Twilight Ultra
01Aug15 The Railway Ultra , Gravel Hill 50k/50m
12Aug15 Battle of Britain 75 Challenge
15Aug15 Spitfire Scramble 24h , SVP100 (100k), RAT 32m/64m
22Aug15 Run to the Castle Ultra , Speyside WayUltra 36m
23Aug15 Dorset Doddle 32m ,
29Aug15 Chiltern 100k/214k
30Aug15 Boston 6/12hr
31Aug15 Cakeathon Challenge
05Sep15 Dartmoor Ultra 50 , Black Hugin Challenge , Viper XT , St Albans Stampede
12Sep15 Mountain Trail Challenge
13Sep15 Gritstone Grind 35m
18Sep15 Peak District Challenge
19Sep15 Marathon de Ben Nevis , Uphill to Wells
23Sep15 The Tolkien Run
27Sep15 Shotley 50, High Weald Challenge
03Oct15 Saltmarsh 75 (Day 1) , GbU Round Ripon 35 miles ,
04Oct15 Saltmarsh 75 (Day 2)
10Oct15 Ranscombe Challenge - Autumn ,9 Bar Ultra
11Oct15 Ranscombe Challenge - Autumn
17Oct15 Sandstone Way Ultra , Kings Forest 50k
25Oct15 Stort 30
01Nov15 The Hugin Challenge
06Nov15 XNRG Druid Challenge 28 miles
07Nov15 XNRG Druid Challenge 28 miles
08Nov15 XNRG Druid Challenge 28 miles
14Nov15 Sunset to Sunrise Challenge
20Nov15 Kirkstall Abbey
29Nov15 Gatliff 50k
05Dec15 Battle of Waterloo 200th Annivsary Challenge, CLONAKILTY
20Dec15 Portsmouth Coastal Waterside 50k
27Dec15 Sunrise to Sunset Challenge
09Jan16 Fowlmead Challenge
10Jan16 Fowlmead Challenge
16Jan16 Ranscombe Challenge - Winter , Country to Capital 45m
06Feb16 Thames Trot 50m
20Feb16 Railway Ultra
19Mar16 New Forest 50/75k
02Apr16 Crawley 12hr/6hr
09Apr16 Ranscombe Spring Challenge
10Apr16 Rachel's Ranscombe Ramble
16Apr16 Viper 9 , Fowlmead 50/12hr Challenge
22Apr15 Wonderland Caucus Race
22May16 The Ox 35m ,
16Jul16 Samphire 100 - Samphire Challenge 6/12/24
06Aug16 Railway Ultra
20Aug16 Run to the Castle Ultra
12Nov16 Sunset to Sunrise Challenge
10Dec16 Run to the Castle Ultra
27Dec15 Sunrise to Sunset Challenge


******************* OLD DETAILS BELOW ******************

14Jun14 Three Rings of Shap , Gloucester 24hr, General Challenge
21Jun14 50 Mile Night Race , The Wall Run , DD Peak 60m , Brutal 10 12hr Enduro
28Jun14 Vegan 3000s , Clif Bar 10 Peaks, Grand Union Challenge , Endure 24hr
12Jul14 Saffron Trail 70 , Osmotherley Phoenix (OR/ldwa), Ranscombe Challenge
13Jul14 50m Challenge (MT, Kent), Stratford/Grand Union Ultra
19Jul14 Race to the Stones 50k(1)/100k , Keith Whyte Waterfront Ultra Marathon, 3 Peaks Ultra , Chiltern Challenge Ultra
20Jul14 Race to the Stones 50k(2) , Fairlands Valley Challenge 50k Ultra (OR) ,
26Jul14 Thunder Run , Wealden Waters 100k, Trailwalker 100k
01Aug14 Grim Reaper 40/70/100m
02Aug14 Railway Ultra , Devil O' The Highlands 43m
03Aug14 Round the Rock Ultra 48m
09Aug14 NDW100, Tour of Bradwell 33m
10Aug14 Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1
16Aug14 Run to the Castle 40m , Hell on the Humber 12hr
17Aug14 Round Strathaven 50m
23Aug14 Ridgeway Challenge , White Cliffs Challenge 32m , Islwyn Borough Ultra 34m
29Aug14 Ring O Fire , Peak District Challenge
30Aug14 Princess Challenge 30m
06Sep14 DD Suffolk 50m , Joust 24h
07Sep14 Longman 35, Gritstone Grind 35m
11Sep14 Run on Water
13Sep14 Ultimate Trails 50/100k (Lake District) , Snowdonia 50 , JW Ultra 30m (MT) Thames Path Challenge,
20Sep14 Surrey Tops , Hardmoors 60 , Equinox 24 High Peak 40m , Open to Offas 30m
21Sep14 Ladybower 35/50 ,
27Sep14 Clyde Stride
28Sep14 Monster Ultra
04Oct14 Gower 50 , 24 Ultra Run
05Oct14 Downs Link 38m
11Oct14 Lakes in a Day 48m
12Oct14 Royal Parks 50k
18Oct14 Winter 100m , Rowbotham's Round Rotherham 50m
19Oct14 Sidmouth Saunter 30m , Ennerdale 50k
02Nov14 White Rose Ultra
15Nov14 Sunset to Sunrise , Breacon Beacons Ultra
30Nov14 Gatliff 50k
21Dec14 Sikhs in the City - Dawn to Dusk Ultra
28Dec14 OMG Orrell 12hr
01Jan15 Hardmoors 30
11Jan15 Winter Tanners 30m
25Jan15 Wilmot Wander 32m, Dark Star River 28m , Newcastle Race Course 50k
31Jan15 XNRG The Pilgrim Way 33miles, Peddlars Way Ultra 47m
01Feb15 XNRG The Pilgrim Way 33miles
08Feb15 Punchbowl 30m, Longman Ultra 28.8
21Feb15 Poppyline Winter 50 , The Winter Railway
01Mar15 St Peters Way 45m ,Millennium Way 38m
07Mar15 The Green Man Ultra
08Mar15 Imber 33m , Barry 40
21Mar15 Hardmoors 55
22Mar15 Cerne Giant , Sevenoaks Circular , Oldham Way Ultra
28Mar15 Born to Run 40m
02Apr15 Canal Ultra
04Apr15 SDW50, G2E , Compton 40m
11Apr15 Woldsman 50m
12Apr15 Pewsey Downsaround 35m , Coventry Way Challenge
18Apr15 WyeForest 50
19Apr15 Wychaven Ultra
25Apr15 Highland Fling 53m
02May15 Malvern Hills, The Oxon 40, Thames Path 100, Isle of Wight Challenge 54/106k , The Oxon 40m (OR/ldwa), XNRG Pony Express 30miles
03May15 XNRG Pony Express 30miles
09May15 Ridgeway 40m, Hardcastle 24hr
16May15 NDW50 ,
17May15 Dukeries 30m/40m
23May15 Foxton 24 , GUCR
24May15 Weald Challenge Trail 50k
31May15 Mendip Challenge
06Jun15 Aston Subedge, Dartmoor Discovery 32.36 miles (FULL)
07Jun15 Northants Ultra 35
13Jun15 Enduro 12hr/50k, SDW 100,
20Jun15 Pathfinder March
24Jun15 Thames Ring 250
25Jun15 Great Barrow Challenge 32m ,
26Jun15 Great Barrow Challenge 32m ,
27Jun15 Great Barrow Challenge 32m , XNRG Round the Island 38miles , Bewl Water Ultra 37/50m , HARP24, Draycote Water 50m , Nomad 50
28Jun15 Great Barrow Challenge 32m , XNRG Round the Island 32miles

All events on the 'World Ultra List' below, are qualifying events in terms of 100 Marathon Club Statistics and qualification for membership.
All events on this list should hold a permit to include 'Public Liability Insurance'.

Race List Notes
209 2:09 Events
A Advertised in Running press
amb Ambition Events
Bsk Bustinskin Coastal Series
Bwf British Walking Federation
ELife EnduranceLife Coastal Trail Series
Form Entry Form can be downloaded from this website (when current)
FR Fun Run/Non Permit race. Distance possibly not measured.
GbU Go Beyond Ultra Series
ldwa Listed in LDWA handbook.
MT Multi-Terrain, generally with some road sections
NC Date not yet confirmed
OR Off road. (LDWA Type event)
ORM Off-road marathon (ie. approx 26 miles - (LDWA type event)
Prov Provisional Date
Rrc RRC/TRA Race Directory
TR Trail. (may have some road sections)
TRA Trail Running Association Series
VO Votwo Challenge Series
W Walkers only, (W) - check if runners allowed!!
XNRG Extreme Energy Series
(+) Other distances { Times/Cost for Longer Race }
? Date and/or details not yet confirmed