UK & Ireland Marathon List

Last updated - 3rd August 2015

Event Notes Excluded Events
2015 For a list of Other marathons in Ireland plus West & East Series please check
100 Marathon Club Ireland list and the East of Ireland Marathons.
08Aug15 Plym Trail
09Aug15 ISLE OF MAN, Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1
12Aug15 Battle of Britain 75 Challenge
13Aug15 Quadrathon
14Aug15 Quadrathon
15Aug15 Quadrathon , Brendon Incline
16Aug15 Leila's Run , Hardmoors 26.2 Series , Cheddar Gorge , Quadrathon, Northumberland Coast
22Aug15 Bad Cow Marathon 1
23Aug15 Bad Cow Marathon 2
29Aug15 Enigma Shaken Not Stirred, Thames Meander,ACHILL ISLAND
30Aug15 Enigma Shaken Not Stirred, GUERNSEY, Sandwell Six Towns , Halifax Marathon, LONGFORD
31Aug15 Cakeathon Challenge
05Sep15 DINGLE, HIGHLAND PERTHSHIRE , Black Hugin Challenge
06Sep15 WOLVERHAMPTON , KENT COASTAL , Delamere Ultratrail 26
12Sep15 Heroes Challenge , GREAT LANGDALE , Kings Forest , Wistanstow Challenge, Somerset Levels & Moors
13Sep15 HULL , Bacchus , Farnham Pilgrims, New Forest , Ponton Plod, Chiltern, Thetford Iceni , Dunstable Downs
19Sep15 Harvest Hobble, Birmingham Canal Canter , Thames Trail , The Shin Dig in the Shire Too
20Sep15 Purbeck , Lords of the Isles Challenge, CHESTERFIELD , HEREFORD , Bath Two Tunnels
23Sep15 The Tolkien Run
26Sep15 Causeway Coast, TBL Enigma , Cotsword Challenge
27Sep15 LOCH NESS, BARNSTAPLE, MOOATHON  , High Weald Challenge , Monster Marathon, Rutland , ROBIN HOOD ,
02Oct15 Atlantic Coast Challenge
03Oct15 Where Ravens Dare, Heart of England Forest, Atlantic Coast Challenge , Founders Challenge
04Oct15 BOURNEMOUTH, CHESTER, JERSEY, Kielder , Clarendon Way , MABLETHORPE, Race for Life , Atlantic Coast Challenge , Flower of Suffolk , Glencoe
10Oct15 Ranscombe Challenge - Autumn , Essex Coastal , 9 Bar Marathon
11Oct15 Ranscombe Challenge - Autumn, YORKSHIRE , SUSSEX , Essex Coastal , Forest of Dean , ISLE OF WIGHT  , Amesbury Amble , Greensand
17Oct15 Dave Lewis Challenge
18Oct15 ABINGDON, Eden Marathon , Spires & Steeples Challenge, Chelmsford Parks Marathon
24Oct15 Beachy Head , SNOWDONIA , Blackwater , CTS Suffolk
25Oct15 Bristol & Bath ,DARTMOOR VALE , Broadmeadow, LEICESTER , Northumberland Castles
26Oct15 DUBLIN
27Oct15 Enigma Three Lakes
28Oct15 Enigma Three Lakes
29Oct15 Enigma Three Lakes
31Oct15 Spooky Halloween Challenge - Pumpkin Marathon , Norfolk Coastal Halloween , Black Ranscombe, Trailscape
01Nov15 November Nightmare , NEWCASTLE TOWN MOOR , The Hugin Challenge ,
02Nov15 November Nightmare
03Nov15 November Nightmare
04Nov15 November Nightmare
05Nov15 November Nightmare
06Nov15 November Nightmare
07Nov15 Fireworks Enigma , Thames Meander, Hardmoors 26.2 Series , Norfolk Coastal Marathons
08Nov15 Fireworks Enigma, Norfolk Coastal Marathons
14Nov15 AUTUMN SHAKESPEARE , Gordano Round , CTS Gower
15Nov15 Sundon Saunter , A20 PATH N' DOWNS, Meon Valley , CORNISH , Broadway
20Nov15 Kirkstall Abbey
21Nov15 Maravan Double , Kirkstall Abbey
22Nov15 Phoenix Riverside , Maravan Double
25Nov15 Oyster Bay Marathon
26Nov15 Viking Thanksgiving Marathon
27Nov15 Agincourt 600th Anniversary Marathon
28Nov15 Martello Marathon , Broadmeadow, Newark Castle
29Nov15 Dymchurch Marathon , Hare and Tortoise , Broadmeadow
05Dec15 Battle of Waterloo 200th Anniversary Challenge, CLONAKILTY, CTS Dorset , Trailscape
06Dec15 Saxon Shore Marathon
09Dec15 Enigma Strikes Back
12Dec15 Christmas Enigma 
13Dec15 Christmas Enigma  , Hardmoors 26.2 Series
20Dec15 Portsmouth Coastal Waterside
28Dec15 Phoenix Year End, Great Barrow Challenge
29Dec15 Great Barrow Challenge
30Dec15 Great Barrow Challenge
31Dec15 Flitch Way
01Jan16 Flitch Way
02Jan16 Enigma Winter
03Jan16 Enigma Winter
09Jan16 Fowlmead Challenge
10Jan16 Fowlmead Challenge
16Jan16 Ranscombe Challenge - Winter
17Jan16 Jeskyns Chalenge
23Jan16 Dymchurch Marathon , Trailscape , Rok the Stones
24Jan16 Dymchurch Marathon
30Jan16 Winter Holly Challenge
04Feb16 Enigma Quadzilla
05Feb16 Enigma Quadzilla
06Feb16 Enigma Quadzilla , CTS Devon
07Feb16 Enigma Quadzilla , Portland Coastal
20Feb16 100MC AGM Marathon
21Feb16 Good, Bad & The Ugly Marathon
26Feb16 Marathon Day Marathon
27Feb16 Chocathon , CTS Northumberland
28Feb16 Relativity Run, Heartbreak , New Forest
29Feb16 Leap Year Challenge
05Mar16 Phoenix Spring , Groundhog Day , Trailscape , Golden Fleece
06Mar16 Wrexham
09Mar16 Book Day Challenge
13Mar13 Larmer Tree
14Mar16 Enigma Week at the Knees
15Mar16 Enigma Week at the Knees
16Mar16 Enigma Week at the Knees
17Mar16 Enigma Week at the Knees
18Mar16 Enigma Week at the Knees ,VO Jurassic Coast Chall
19Mar16 Enigma Week at the Knees, VO Jurassic Coast Chall , Gin Pit , CTS Sussex , Charnwood  
20Mar16 Enigma Week at the Knees, VO Jurassic Coast Chall , Gin Pit , Devonshire Dumpling
21Mar16 COD Triple
22Mar16 COD Triple
23Mar16 COD Triple
25Mar16 Enigma Bletchley
26Mar16 Easter run around the Reservoir
27Mar16 Easter run around the Reservoir
28Mar16 Enigma Reverse
02Apr16 Bath Beat
03Apr16 Pewsey Downsaround , Essex Walker
09Apr16 Ranscombe Spring Challenge, CTS Exmoor
10Apr16 Rachel's Ranscombe Ramble, CONNEMARA , GREATER MANCHESTER
16Apr16 Fowlmead Challenge
22Apr16 Wonderland Caucus Race
23Apr16 St Georges Day Marathon
24Apr16 LONDON , BLACKPOOL , Bassetlaw Bash
30Apr16 CTS Pembrokeshire
02May16 Cakeathon May Bank Holiday , MILTON KEYNES ,
04May16 May the 4th
15May16 Starfish Marathon
21May16 Shin Dig in the Shire
27May16 Wedding Challenge
30May16 Cakeathon Spring
04Jun16 Viking Coastal
05Jun16 Reculver Castle, Huddersfield
11Jun15 Holly Challenge
12Jun16 Wexford, YEOVIL
18Jun16 Enigma Super Hero
19Jun16 Enigma Super Hero , Wakefield
23Jun16 Great Barrow Challenge
24Jun16 Great Barrow Challenge
25Jun16 Great Barrow Challenge
26Jun16 Great Barrow Challenge
27Jun16 Great Barrow Challenge
28Jun16 Great Barrow Challenge
29Jun16 Great Barrow Challenge
30Jun16 Great Barrow Challenge
01Jul16 Somme 100th Anniversary , Great Barrow Challenge
02Jul16 Enigma Need for Speed , The Snickerthon , Great Barrow Challenge
03Jul16 Enigma Need for Speed , POTTERIES
09Jul16 Ranscombe Summer , Black Ranscombe
16Jul16 Samphire Challenge, Invader, Piece of Cake
17Jul16 Samphire Challenge
30Jul16 Enigma World Cup Winners 50th
06Aug16 Phoenix Summer
20Aug16 Bad Cow (1)
21Aug16 Bad Cow (2)
27Aug16 Enigma Planes, Trains & Automobiles
28Aug16 Enigma Planes, Trains & Automobiles
17Sep16 Dorset County Marathon (TBC)
29Oct16 Spooky Halloween Challenge - Pumpkin Marathon
30Oct16 November Nightmare
01Nov16 November Nightmare
02Nov16 November Nightmare
03Nov16 November Nightmare
04Nov16 November Nightmare
05Nov16 Enigma Fireworks
06Nov16 Enigma Fireworks
20Nov16 Phoenix Riverside
10Dec16 Enigma Christmas
11Dec16 Enigma Christmas
28Dec16 Phoenix Year End ,


******************* OLD DETAILS BELOW ******************

24Jan15 New Year Frolic
25Jan15 Newcastle Race Course
28Feb15 South Shropshire Circular , Belvoir Challenge
01Mar15 Steyning Stinger , Mill Hill , Cambridge Boundary Run ,
08Mar14 Chiltern Kanter , Thaxted Trail Marathon , Meadows , Scottish Borders Marathon
28Mar15 Three Shires  , Port of Dover Race Festival , Poets Path Potter
29Mar15 Daffodil Dawdle , LDWA South Downs, Port of Dover Race Festival
05Apr15 GbU Northampton Run Fest (MT) ,
11Apr15 Caythorpe Canter  , Calderdale Hike
12Apr15 WORCESTER, TAUNTON , Valleys & Views
18Apr15 Dark Skies
19Apr15 GREAT WELSH , BUNGAY BLACK DOG , ASHFORD & DISTRICT , Druridge Bay Trail  , Longhorn
26Apr15 SHAKESPEARE, Tough Guy Marathon
02May15 Salcomble Coastal 
03May15 Three Forts, Neolithic , LIMERICK, Heritage Coast
09May15 Bewl Water , Rhondda Rollercoaster , Christian Aid Walk , Windmill Way Challenge
10May15 HALSTEAD, Stroud Trail , Meridian Meander
16May15 Clun Valley , WHITE PEAK , Orpington Marafun, Ingleborough , Cape Wrath, LAKES of KILLARNY , Arun River ,
17May15 Windermere 10in10, Richmond Park, Leaden Boot, Keswick Trail, Flitch Way , Imerys Trail Marathon , Wenlock
24May15 The Ox , Forces March , Weald Challenge Trail , NEWRY
30May15 Excalibur
01Jun15 CORK
06Jun15 Aston Subedge, Bolton Hill , Farthingstone Foot Fest , Gibside
07Jun15 Stour Valley , STRATHEARN, Hare and Tortoise , Poppyline, Wexford , Scafell Pike Trail
13Jun15 Langport, Holly Challenge , Settle Saunter. Baslow Boot Bash
14Jun15 Langport, Pieces of 8, Hardmoors 26.2 Series
20Jun15 South Downs , Trail Marathon Wales
21Jun15 Cheltenham Challenge, Seabank
27Jun15 Midnight Marathon, Giants Head , Great Barrow Challenge , WATERFORD, Malvern Midsummer , Bewl Water
28Jun15 Great Barrow Challenge , North Devon , Herts Hobble , Coombe Abbey Running Festival
04Jul15 Summer Enigma Double, Hamsterley Marathon
05Jul15 Summer Enigma Double, POTTERIES , WALES, From Here to There , MIDNIGHT MARATHON
11Jul15 Ranscombe Challenge - Summer , Piece of Cake , White Peak Walk
12Jul15 Ranscombe Challenge - Summer , High Weald Challenge , Lions Bridge
18Jul15 KILLARNY , Dorset Invader
19Jul15 North Downs , The Stuart Wild Memorial Race , Fairlands Valley Challenge ,
25Jul15 Summer run around the Reservoir 1, Twilight Marathon , Lunar-Tic , Thames Trail
26Jul15 Summer run around the Reservoir 2, Fort William, Bath Off Road
01Aug15 Elsecar Skelter , Phoenix Riverside, Stour Valley Special , Midnight Marathon
02Aug15 Vanguard Way , Dovedale Dipper

1) All marathons on the 'British Marathon List' above, are qualifying events in terms of 100 Marathon Club Statistics and qualification for membership.
2) Marathons of the exact distance of 26m 385yds, held in the United Kingdom and Ireland and predominantly on a road service, are classed as "ROAD Marathons".
3) For purposes of club statistics a "Track Marathon" can be classed as a "Road Marathon".
4) All other marathons are classed as "Trail Marathons".
5) All events on this list should hold a permit to include 'Public Liability Insurance'.
6) A list of excluded events can be found on the Excluded Events page.

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