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The British/Irish marathons below are those that will count for the count in 2014 Challenge Competition are:
(See also Main List for other events eg. West & East of Ireland Series, where special rules apply)

For 2014, each course can only be counted once for the Challenge Competition.


The 2013 Challenge Competition is now complete. Presentations will be held at the AGM on 19Apr14.
Please send in your 2013 marathon details, or simply your race list.

Known Road Marathons into 2014 are:

26Jan14 - Bromley
16Mar14 - Tralee (Ireland)
06Apr14 - Brighton, Bungay, Blackpool, Manchester, Lochaber, Connemara (Ireland)
13Apr14 - London, Great Welsh (Llanelli)
27Apr14 - Shakespeare, Kildare (Ireland)
04May14 - North Devon, Worcester, Limerick (Ireland)
05May14 - Milton Keynes, Belfast City
11May14 - Halstead
18May14 - Windermere
25May14 - Edinburgh, Flying Fox, Liverpool Rock'n roll
31May14 - Kent Roadrunner
01Jun14 - Derry (N.Ireland)
02Jun14 - Cork (Ireland)
28Jun14 - Waterford (Ireland)
13Jul14 - Wales (Tenby)
10Aug14 - Isle of Man
24Aug14 - Guernsey
06Sep14 - Highland Perthshire
07Sep14 - Kent Coastal, Wolverhampton
14Sep14 - Chesterfield
27Sep14 - Great Langdale
28Sep14 - Barnstaple, Loch Ness, Robin Hood, Mooathon
05Oct14 - Jersey, Bournemouth, Chester, Mablethorpe
12Oct14 - Yorkshire, IOW,
19Oct14 - Dartmoor Vale, Abingdon
25Oct14 - Snowdonia
26Oct14 - Leicester
27Oct14 - Dublin

Next Celebrations : (100 Marathons/Ultras & more!)
(Please notify the club at least 8 weeks in advance if you want your medal/shirt on the day!)


Kate Jayden - Enigma Knees TrM on 23Mar14 Completed!
Dave Robson - Hardmoors TrM on 06Apr14
Elaine Battson - London Marathon on 13Apr14 Completed!
Joan Clarke - Shakespeare Marathon on 27Apr14
Paul Sutherland - Milton Keynes Marathon on 05May14
Davey Green - Brathay Windermere on 17May14 NEW!
Jon Carson - Richmond Park TrM on 18May14
David Parry - Strathearn Marathon on 08Jun14


Ernie Barker - Liverpool Marathon on 25May14
Michaela Sanders - Thames Meander TrM on 23Aug14


Julie Wing - Kent Coastal Marathon - 07Sep14


Gina Little - Kent Coastal Marathon - 07Sep14