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The British/Irish marathons below are those that will count for the count in 2014 Challenge Competition are:
(See also Main List for other events eg. West & East of Ireland Series, where special rules apply)

For 2014, each course can only be counted once for the Challenge Competition.

Known Road Marathons into 2014 are:

10Aug14 - Isle of Man
24Aug14 - Guernsey
06Sep14 - Highland Perthshire
07Sep14 - Kent Coastal, Wolverhampton
14Sep14 - Chesterfield
21Sep14 - Hereford
27Sep14 - Great Langdale
28Sep14 - Barnstaple, Loch Ness, Robin Hood, Mooathon
05Oct14 - Jersey, Bournemouth, Chester, Mablethorpe
12Oct14 - Yorkshire, IOW,
19Oct14 - Dartmoor Vale, Abingdon
25Oct14 - Snowdonia
26Oct14 - Leicester
27Oct14 - Dublin

Next Celebrations : (100 Marathons/Ultras & more!)
(Please notify the club at least 8 weeks in advance if you want your medal/shirt on the day!)

Simon Fenton - Wolverhampton on September 7
Mark Johnson - Farnham Pilgrims on September 21
So Mei Chan (May) - Chester Marathon on October 5
Stephen Goodwin - Clarendon Way on October 5
Maria Pali - Brighton April 12 2015


Matthew David - Coombe Valley Running Festival on 28Jun14
Michaela Sanders - Thames Meander TrM on 23Aug14


Julie Wing - Kent Coastal Marathon - 07Sep14


Gina Little - Kent Coastal Marathon - 07Sep14