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The Challenge is to complete races of marathon distance or longer in 45 of the European Nations/Countries, their "Overseas Territories" within Europe plus significant European Islands and Island Groups.

Runners wishing to participate in the Challenge should provide quarterly details of the races completed in different territories.

Runners will be listed once they have completed races in 10 different territories.

Runners completing the Challenge of 45 different territories will receive a "45 Nations +" T-shirt.

This will not be an easy target to achieve, but then neither is the US 50 States+ equivalent challenge.

For completeness, Overseas Territories of European Nations outside Europe are listed for those runners with the inclination, money and time to include in their personal challenge. Events in these territories, however, are not part of the main Challenge.

Runners may wish to subdivide the Challenge into one for marathons, one for ultras and one for European Capitals as part of their own personal challenge.

Some of the Nations, Territories and Islands listed do not currently hold races of marathon distance or longer. They may, however, hold such events in the future. Once the Challenge is in operation we may be able to form a significant lobby group for new races.

Solely for the purpose of this Challenge, the following rules should be applied.

Only races should be included. Training runs should not be included, whatever the distance run. Distance runs of a "non-competitive" nature, often undertaken for charitable purposes by one or two runners, should not be included. Runs of marathon distance or more in territories with no such races should not be included.

Race definition :- An official event open to all applicants (occasionally subject to entry limits or qualification restrictions), advertised beforehand in running press, on the web, by leaflets at other races or some similar manner. Normally, but not always, competitive. Normally at least 3 participants. Results available.

The runner must have completed the whole race and have run (jogged, walked) the whole course (unless misdirected by the organisers) for the race to count. For example, dropping out at the marathon distance in an ultra race can not be counted for the Challenge unless this was advertised beforehand as part of the race rules. The declared race distance counts (the runner is not penalised if the race distance appears to be short).

Marathons :- Races where the distance measured and stated by organisers is 26m 385y (26.2 miles) / 42.195 km (42.2 kilometres) on the road or, for trail marathons, accepting that exact measurement is not possible, approximated i.e. 26m or 42km. Races less than marathon distance should not be included e.g. 25m or 40km.

Ultra Marathons :- Road or trail races of distance longer than marathon.

Stage Races :- Races over several days with a set distance each day. One of the stages must be of marathon distance or longer for the race to count.

Where a race runs through more than one territory, only the territory through which most of the race is run should be counted. Where this is not clear the runner may choose one only of the start or finish point territories.

The same race may not be counted twice. e.g. Copenhagen for Denmark and Sjaelland.

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Last Updated - 27th April 2003